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This romper suit in soft white poplin is perfect for the spring-summer season. Shopping at Baby & Toddler Product Type. Shopping at Baby & Toddler Product Type.

6 Months Rachel - Baby Girl Roman Suit Stitching - Buy Online

Wonderful embroidery with tender blossoms on the breast, all our rompers are hand-embroidered by craftswomen in Mexico's countryside. The Rachel Baby romper for infants and young children is ideal for the hot weather with Peter Pan collars, shorter swollen collars and colorful arm and breast detail.

Each of our baby rompers is unique: craftsmen make each piece themselves and choose their favourite patterns and colors. Embroidered by San Antonino de las Casas in Mexico, this tradition lasts up to a single workday. To promote equitable trading, we form strategical partnerships with organisations that help us guarantee equitable salaries and lasting relationships with craftsmen.

These rompers have two knobs on the legs opening and five on the back for convenience and convenience.


Home/ Shop/ Boys/ Kits / 5-pack unisex baby romper with bright, cheerful designs. Pack of 5 unisex baby rompers with bright, cheerful designs. Sizes: rompers: newborns Clothing: baby Young Clothing: baby Young rompers: baby Springs: baby Rompers: children Clothing: If you are a customer who has bought this item and is currently registered, you can only rate it.

Momsnet parent blows up baby rompers with scandalous slangs.

Wife said her grandson has a T-shirt that says, "All Dad wanted was a blowjob. My mom and dad are indignant about a baby sleeping suit being sold at B&M Bargain, with a tagline that they say trivializes sexual assault. One Mumsnet visitor discovered the offensive object with the tagline "All Mummy wanted was a back rub" on Facebook and split a picture with other shocked people branding him as "crass and disgusting".

However, it turns out that the garment is only one of many garments with sexualized baby-sleogans. And another person was telling how her cousin had a T-shirt printed "Alladdy wanted was a blow job". How do you know? Another example was a photo of a T-shirt with the inscription "Daddy's little splash" sharing with a photo of a semen comedian.

Someone else was insistent that the tagline implied that Mom didn't want to have sexual intercourse, so he concluded that she was beaten.

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