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Baby shop takes over AlexandAlexa and founds Luxury Kids Group.

Baby Shop, the eCommerce trader from Sweden, is acquiring its rival AlexandAlexa to become a market leading player in the top tier of children's retailing by the name of The Luxury Kids Group, which is set to be four time larger than its nearest rival in Europe. Founded in 2006 in a Stockholm underground building, Baby Shop now distributes its products in over 50 different markets, mainly in Northern Europe.

AlexandAlexa, headquartered in London, has taken a leadership role in children's apparel on the Internet in English-speaking Europe. This new group will serve Northern Europe and most English-speaking markets and is set to generate sales of over 40 million next year with 2 million unique visits per month. Last year Babyshop purchased the Oii Design shop in Sweden and is now the premier Scandinavian net-a-porter for children.

AlexandAlexa comes from Great Britain, but has already opened up market opportunities such as the USA and Australia. In order to facilitate the purchase of AlexandAlexa, Babyshop raising equity through a stock offering supported by Verdane capital VII, a mutual funds holding in Babyshop since 2010.

Founded in 2006 by Marcus and Linn Tagesson, Baby Shop has the ambition to build the best children's shop in Scandinavia. Baby shop is now a leader on the world markets and has a flag shop in Stockholm, Sweden. Among other things, the Group received the "The Year's E-Commerce Award" at the 2011 Nordic e-commerce Summit and the "The Best On-line Fashion Boutique for Children's Clothing" at the Habit Fashion Award 2012.

co-founder of Babyshop. The AlexandAlexa was established seven years ago by the couple Alex Theophanous and Alexa Till with the goal of establishing an on-line shop with the best children's brand names in the whole wide range of fashion. in December 2010 raised 1.5m from MMC Ventures, a UK based risk management company, to support its global growth.

AlexandAlexa purchased Babyshop at the end of last year, December 2014. Babyshop and AlexandAlexa both own the right to brand names such as Burberry, Bugaboo and Fendi in their area. Babyshop and Alexandalexa will run side by side for the time being. Amid a fast moving and bewildering plethora of shops selling branded goods and shops struggling to stay alive, it's good to see that the children's apparel sector has a strong conviction of serious investment.

Not only can this provide a much-needed robust foundation for high-end branding, it can also serve as a starting point for aspiring designers. agnus Fredin, CEO of Babyshop.

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