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Besides a shop, it is the first intergrated culture turntable that connects Egypt's historic civilisations through innovation experiences that connect buying, entertaining and learning in a harmonic culture environment. Besides a shop, it is the first intergrated culture turntable that connects Egypt's historic civilisations through innovation experiences that connect buying, entertaining and learning in a harmonic culture environment. Ahmed Ourabi Street - El Mohandseen", our first Omar Effendi outlet, offers unusual design and premium product for ethnical and craft items that mirror Egypt's past with a modern culture.

Life in Egypt

Provides basic information for UK citizens resident in Egypt, complete with healthcare, educational, residence regulations and more. For more information about the service we can offer to UK citizens, please see the "Our Services" section. Egypt's healthcare system is multifaceted, with a broad spectrum of government and privatesector service provider.

In Egypt, the standard of healthcare in hospitals does not always meet the NHS standard. Residents of the United Kingdom may consider investment in medical cover. Rates are subject to change and parcels are available for the duration of your visit to Egypt. In Egypt, expatriates generally keep well, but smaller diseases are frequent.

Therapeutic products are available in nearby chemists, which are abundant and usually well equipped. If you would like more useful information about health care in Egypt, please refer to the Health section of our travel itinerary. They can also consult a listing of the Egyptian health care institutions that have been compiled for UK citizens of the state.

Education establishments that offer UK and US curricula, mostly multinational colleges, are widespread throughout Egypt. For those interested in studying Arabic, there is a broad variety of organizations that offer the opportunity to study both Arabic for Arabic and Modern Standard Arabic. You can find further information about education in Egypt on the website of the Ministry of Education of Egypt.

British Council on Education's website also provides invaluable information on the Egyptian educational system, which includes higher learning. When a British citizen comes to Egypt for work or studies, the procedure can be much more complex. You can do this by requesting the appropriate visas from the Egyptian consulate in Great Britain.

The majority of aliens initially apply for a one-year residency permit, which can be applied for in Cairo at an interior ministry Al Mogamaa bureau on Tahrir Place or at any pass authority throughout the state. The Bureau provides the British with the necessary documents for their applications. Marrying Egyptians usually entitles British nationals to a residency permit.

First of all, the egyptian marriage partner must contact the competent authority. Because of the precarious nature of some areas, screening is standard practice and a UK citizen cannot transit if his/her identity card and visas are not in order. For more information on admission conditions, please visit the website of the Ministry of the Interior.

UK citizens who want to work in Egypt need a work visa. UK citizens and their employer must obtain a national safety release in Egypt before they can begin the application for a work visa procedure. You must also prove that you have a proper medical certificate, including an HIV test.

Requests for work permits are available from the Ministry of Labour and Migration and can be dealt with either by the worker or by the employers. You can find out about the accreditation of British education diplomas and information on certification bodies from the British Council in Cairo. Detailed information on all the documentation needed to apply for a work visa and the proper procedures can be found on the portal of the Ministry of Labour and Migration (in Arabic only).

The acquisition of an Egypt driver's license is obligatory if you stay longer than six month in Egypt. Citizens of the UK with a UK driver's license are exempted from the test. In order to check your eye group, vision and bodily fitness, you must obtain a medical certification from an eye and eye doctor in Egypt.

In Egypt, third parties must take out third parties third parties coverage with their obligatory car license. UK citizens may consider taking out supplementary insurances through either locally based insurers or a very small number of overseas insurers doing business in Egypt. There are a large number of domestic Egypt and multinational financial institutions throughout Egypt.

As a rule, they call for a reserve of several thousand Egypt lbs. The guidelines may differ from institution to institution and even between different branch offices. Egypt is to a large extent a cash-driven land in everyday living. There are not many groceries or locals who take your card.

Traveller's checks are usually not acceptable in shops and eateries in Egypt, but a local banking institution will redeem them for a surcharge. Charges for this type of services differ from merchant to merchant, and you may find that you will need to charge multiple charges, subject to the two merchant banks' guidelines for overseas wire transfer and foreign exchange.

Even more important, this is not an optional solution without an Egypt bankaccount. MoneyGram and Western Union both work in Egypt and another relatively cheap alternative is via credit transfer. Please see the Cash section of our travel description for more information. Until recently, it was unlawful for a foreigner to own land in Egypt.

That is no longer the case, but purchasing real estate in Egypt is neither simple nor straightforward. Egypt's judicial system is very different from that of the United Kingdom. If you are planning to buy a real estate in Egypt, you must take a residence. If you do not have a place of residence, you cannot grant a proxy to a barrister to enter your real estate in the deed.

There is a roster of available attorneys for BVN in Egypt. In our Guideline for Purchasing Real Estate in Egypt you will find details. These guidelines contain important information for UK citizens wishing to buy real estate in Egypt, which includes guidance on providing counsel, cheating, residence permits, grievances and more. You should review it together with the How to buy property abroad Guide.

Instructions for importing medications to Egypt. In Egypt, some prescription and over-the-counter drugs may be regulated drugs. In case of any doubts, please review the portal of the Egypt Drug Administration. Equally, the Drug Authority is the pharmaceuticals regulator of the Ministry of Health of Egypt and issues an annual listing of drugs tested.

The travel advice we offer provides a comprehensive view of Egypt's cultural, traditional and ethical life in the state. Egypt's Ministry of Tourism's website also provides information on Egypt's past and a tour guides to famous tourist attractions. An overwhelming proportion of UK Expats have a smooth and pleasant stay in Egypt.

Research by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office shows that most of the problems faced by UK citizens abroad can be averted. Compliance with applicable law and custom can help you prevent problems. Enjoy Egypt, but make the necessary arrangements to make sure you are well briefed and know what is waiting for you as a national.

The information is provided as a general guideline and is on the basis of information provided to the Message by the competent authority and is changeable at any moment without prior notification. BKartA and the British Consulate are not responsible for errors in this information.

UK citizens who wish to obtain further information must apply to the competent authorities at their place of residence.

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