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Secrets of the baby in the stall When Robin was 13, he found out he was adopted. He was later informed that he had been deserted - in a crate on London's Oxford Street. Now, 74, he has been spending most of his lifetime asking himself who dumped him and why. Robin King found out he was adopted and ran away from home.

He' d been poking around his parents' room when he came across his adoptive documents in a jumpsuit. "The mother of my girlfriend had to foot the bill to get us back on the train," Robin remembers. Adopted by Fred and Elsie King, Robin was raised in a small part of Woolwich, southern London.

Some years later Robin requested a working pass and was contacted by a civil servant from the Passamt. The man then said: "I don't think it will disturb you too much to hear that you were left at the Peter Robinson shop in London. So Robin found out that he was a foundling and why his first name was Robin and his second name was Peter.

Before Robin made the next serious effort to learn more about his past, many years went by. On 20 October 1943 he was found in front of the Oxford Circus mall. But there was no indication as to why he was abandoned. Robin's daugher Lorraine chose to resume the quest.

Every single case the answer was the same - without the name of the native parent there was nothing to do. Then Lorraine found a librarian who was searching through microscopic film rolls to look for a reference to a foundling in old papers. "Earlier I had a moment of inspirational thinking: "I know I will be writing this way and that way," says Lorraine.

"Julia says that my mom had been abandoned with so many unanswered messages and that gave some of them a great feeling of freedom. "Julia accepted Robin's case and sent saliva tests to three DNS databanks - Ancestry, 23andme and Family Tree DNS. A lot of folks would tell me I look US, and we thought I might be a GI baby, but they weren't here in 1943," says Robin.

As Lorraine says. This test showed that Maria and Robin divided about 1% of their own genetic material, making them either second or third kin. "Then our aim was to trace each of these strains back to recent time to try to find a probable parental for Robin. "To give an impression of the scope of the task, if each of the great-great-grandparents and their offspring had only two kids, there would be 224 humans who could be one of Robin's parents. 224 humans would be one of Robin's mothers.

It' s like the children's jigsaw when you have to find out which is the right way to the golden pot," says Lorraine. Julia and Lorraine worked as a crew and used census, natal and marital indices and testaments to recreate the pedigree. The results from Ancestry indicate that Robin had a powerful Scottish-Irish bond, which worked.

Whenever I had a big break, I was agitated and it encouraged me," says Lorraine. A year of trying and a series of cul-de-sacs, they found a wife named Agnes who had been in Scotland for a year and had passed away in Canada. "Lorraine said, "I had a pretty good idea that this might be my father's mom.

It' calmed down a bit,' says Lorraine. "Said, "This is really weird, because when my mother got Alzheimer's, she began to speak as if she had another baby and would speak to me as if I was that baby. But Lorraine assumed that he would be half the man, which proves that Agnes had a war scandal.

The results, however, showed that Grant was indeed Robin's full-brother, which means that they share both parent. Lorraine says, "I just couldn't believe it. and Agnes Jones were Robin's parents. Mmm. He was in the Royal Canadian Air Force and had just seen and got married to Agnes in Glasgow. After the end of the WWII the pair went to Canada and Douglas trained as a shrink.

You had three more kids - Karen, 14 years after Robin was birth, then Grant and another girl, Peggy. Robin's place to tell him the latest in person. And then he came back and we went through everything," says Lorraine. When Robin discovered that his relatives had gotten into a marriage in December 1942 - before he was received - he was amazed.

" Unfortunately, Robin can't get her to tell him. and Agnes 2014. I' d have gone over to see her if I could," says Robin. "Agnes and Douglas couldn't see a way to deal with warmongering and a baby so early in their marriages.

"I can' t figure out how to keep a baby in the centre of London, which was such a treacherous place back then. "Robin's eldest sibling, Karen, came to visit from Canada a few month ago. Said her mother had said that her father and mother had said that she had had a baby before, but that it was dead.

But around this point Lorraine also found Agnes' half-brother Brian, who lived in Scotland, and he had listened to another tale - that Agnes had had a baby and gave it up for adoption to an Air Force pair who could not have them. "Julia Bell thinks Robin could have been left in the lurch after such a hand-over went awry.

You won't come back with the baby - it has to be abandoned," she says. As Lorraine says, this would help us to clarify some mysterious facets of the history. "My grandmother was apparently a charming woman, a domestic mother and really nice," she says, "which makes it difficult to comprehend why she would be leaving something like a baby.

" There is also a birthright document stating that Robin was conceived on 10 October in a delivery ward in Winchester. When Agnes planned to violate the bill by abandoning her baby on the streets, Lorraine thinks she most likely would have been home bred to avoid the official registration of the baby's delivery.

On the one hand, the pair recorded the baby's delivery two months after his inheritance - and provided information such as his father's number. "Lorraine says, I would have thought they would provide as little information as possible. Brian after Agnes' half-brother and Douglas after his sire.

Both Robin and Lorraine had found their families, but they were still desperately looking for someone to tell them about the date they were dumped. "Lorraine says, "We thought someone had a history of how they found a baby in London during the London Wars. When asked if he recalled a baby that had been dumped there during the fighting, he did it strangely - a baby covered in a ceiling that had been dropped in a stall near the front door.

"He says, I worked at 200 Oxford Street and I recall the baby in the pit. "A few law enforcement officials went to investigate - and found Robin in it. "The baby was taken to the company restaurant where there was fresh water, although I don't think we had any bottles," says Trevor.

"â??We thought that the child's house might have been destroyed and the mom left it in despair.â "Robin and Trevor recently gathered near the place where their ways had intersected almost 74 years earlier. "It was a great feeling to find someone who saw me at this moment in my life," says Robin.

Lorraine a few months ago got another tempting information from Canada - a copy of Robin's father's balance sheet. Douglas, a corporeal, was found to be a teacher at the No 7 Radio School in South Kensington in October 1943. It is likely that he lived in a near-by excavation site at the height of that period, while Agnes lived near Andover.

And Douglas was on vacation for the weeks before Robin's birthday on October 10 and four after that. His record shows, however, that he was back at work when Robin was found on Wednesday, October 20, left. It was almost certainly there when the now deserted Robin was recorded as Brian Jones.

Brian Baby was recorded on November 6th. Robin and Lorraine know they're going to run out of new ways to go. They' re awaiting a second adoptions folder to open, but Robin doesn't think she'll tell the mystery why he was abandoned. Lorraine and Robin at least found some clues.

"Finding out what my father's right name would have been and when he was actually conceived means a lot," says Lorraine. Turns out Robin celebrated his birth four early October 6th. That' the date civil servants guessed he was birth when he was found in 1943.

Actually, his birthright record shows he was birthed on October 10th. While Robin has not yet made up his mind which anniversary to use in the near term, he has no intention of changing his name to Brian Douglas Jones. "It is amazing to see what Lorraine has done by trials and tribulations. "When Kati Pohler was three years old, she was abandoned at a Chinese supermarket.

At the age of 20, Kati found out that her biological mother and father had sent her a message and that every year on the same date they were waiting for her on a renowned Hangzhou arch.

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