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The Al Nemer Shop is the largest selection of children's designer brands for babies, boys and girls. Our aim is to make your shopping experience as pleasant as possible. More information about international shopping.

Babies heads were intentionally crushed by a nurse in the Saudi Arabianospital.

This disgusting video shows a sister grabbing the little baby by the nape of her throat before she crushes the face of the defenseless one. Those registered unidentified midwives were traced and immediately released after the film material was published in online community news. Three employees of the Taif delivery clinic in Saudi Arabia have had their licenses withdrawn and are now forbidden to care in other wards.

Baby was hospitalized for 10 nights for a UTI when the video was shot. The boy's father said to the Saud press after the prohibition of nursing, that he was horrified and horrified when he saw the material. "Thank God all three of my nursing staff that I wasn't the baby's mom.

Junior Roberto Cavalli | Children Designer Clothes

Investment in the latest, best design fashions for your child and make sure they are always one step ahead of the package and leave a permanent mark on every opportunity. Our shops located in Ilford in Essex are known for their huge range of children's design clothing. Our children's clothing is always at the cutting edge of the latest fashions.

Together with our world-renowned logistics partner we aim to provide the best possible supply chain service for all parts of the world:

Clothing for infants, children & teenagers

Petit Bateau is over 120 years old! Petit Bateau, today proud to produce over 4,000 tons of knitted goods a year, has become a cult label for all kids from 0 to 24 of age. WHAT DID PETIT BATEAU, A KNITTED FABRICS SPECIALIST, DO TO BECOME THIS CROSS-GENERATIONAL LABEL THAT WORKS WITH THE CREME DE LA CREME OF DESIGN?

Above all thanks to the clothing and lingerie qualities, the comforts, smoothness and cut of which convinced the most discerning public - kids - the label managed to establish itself. In the course of the collection, Petit Bateau's children's fashions have developed without renouncing their origins and their know-how, which has always been their strong point.

Petit Bateau Leather stripes are a must-have for infants and children, and the t-shirts, bodies, trousers and rain coats have always had the same effect. Petit Bateau was able to expand its business, selling 26 million pieces of clothing and lingerie every year all over the year.

Paris, Tokyo, New York and Berlin all rely on the Petit Bateau lifestyle, and especially when they feel the beauty of the material, they become lifetime loyal brands. Maybe that's the reason for Petit Bateau's triumph. PETIT BATEAU COMPETENCE petit bateau competence, which has remained the same for over a hundred years, coupled with a continuous quest for modernisation and an open mind for innovations, are also keys to our succes.

Petit Bateau's clothing has successfully made the switch to the global arena and towards sustainability with this philosophy: "If we clothe our kids by trying to offer them maximal comforts, then we must take good care off the planets that we leave them. Thus manufacturing is an important point for the mark, which tries to maintain the know-how of the Italian industrial sector.

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