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Online Baby Shop India

BOY - BOY - BOY - Shop boys. Buy baby toys, dollhouses, wooden toys and more from ELC. Every step should be fun for your little boy.

Babyshoes - 4-24 month - Online-Shop

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Gifts East of India - 15% on everything else

Enormous reach! After having purchased online since 1995 in our stores in Eastern India and since 2000, we now have over 300 different items in Eastern India. The East of India's fine selection of gift and card items are created in-house by John Ayris and Anne Spratling and handcrafted by craftsmen around the globe using local techniques.

There is a win-win relation between the craftspeople and craftswomen who make the produce and the East Indies, so buying these produce makes a significant difference to the economy around the globe. To find out more about East India, complete with corporate histories and current collection, click here to go to the About East India page.

It' re comforting to know that we are east of India's largest unaffiliated customer. Whether you're in one of our shops or shop online, you know you're working with a business that almost as much enjoys East India as you do! Hopefully we have more East Indian produce than any other online merchant.

As the largest client in East India, however, they ensure that any items that we do not have in store will be shipped to us the same working days when we need them.

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