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The Dubai Mall features self-designed prints, traditional craftsmanship including hand embroidery, hand embroidery and the use of fine soft fabrics. Peterborough United Football Club Ltd. official online shop. Level Kids - Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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In response to many requests, the forum debate on AIDS in the German Catholic Church (CIFF) is back. It is one of several compulsory courses when you visit children from next week's SIFF. Shown above is our last podium debate at the last August session of the Preschool and Kindergarten International (CIFF). In response to many requests, the podium debate was resumed as one of several occasions at Café Children's International Children's Fund (CIFF) for children aged 18 to 19.

I am very happy to announce together with the CIFF KIDS staff the upcoming season panels. Together they are sharing a rich treasure trove of experiences in children's fashions and lifestyles. You are a buyer and shopkeeper from all over the world; Nichola Eyre from Cissy Wears in the UK, Janine Colonna from Babyshop in Sweden, Wael AlFatayri from Level Kids United Arab Emirates and Kim Wardell from Design Life Kids in the USA.

She worked in the musical business for a decade before she decided to switch careers after the delivery of her second baby Cissy. Encouraged by the fact that children's clothing is also a little rock'n'roll, she soon found out and sent an application to a large online children's shop. Today Cissy Wears is a very successfull children's shop in London.

From the beginning, it was clear that the young New Yorker would have a carreer in apparel, dress up as a little gal in her grandmothers' old mink and pearl dresses, and host shows. She then studied Purchasing and Marketing before embarking on a careers in Marketing and Portfolio at Saks Fifth Avenue and Macy's.

Mr. Wael began his professional life in the apparel industry with the Armani Group in Dubai, followed by the acquisition of mono-brand shops such as Ermanno Scervino, Porsche Design and MSGM. In 2016, Wael came to Dubai's premier deluxe dealer, the Chalhoub Group, as Level Kids Seniors Purchaser. Wael established a journal as a college graduate in parallel to his luxurious clothing careers.

DLK, Design Life Kids started out as a life style blogs, but after the sad death of her man, Kim chose to pursue her dreams of making DLK a target for contemporary finds for the home. DLK now boasts a meticulously crafted range of fashions and home décor from around the globe, from small shop owners to international popular brand names.

They love to combine cheerfulness with a more up-to-date and sophisticated styling for a fashionable homeowner. It will give us a truly international view of the industry's topics. KIDS, Forum Room, Forum Copenhagen, Denmark. The design is always a reflection of the mind and value of a certain period and the dream we have to live a good one.

In our discussions with a worldwide panellist we will deal with themes and questions of today's children's fashions and lifestyles and are therefore particularly important for all exhibiting companies and attendees of CIFF International Children's Fair. Kid's Wear Magazine will be selecting favourite articles from both the Mode and Life Style & Interiors sectors and tagging them with a "Kid's Wear Favourite" hang tag.

As part of Copenhagen Fashion Week, CIFF CIDS is the most important children's fair in Northern Europe. From 31 January 2018 to 2 February 2018, CIFF presents a collection for AW18 at the Forum Copenhagen CIDS.

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