Baby Shopping Center


Undercover Parents & Kinderparkpl├Ątze The Osborn Road multi-storey carpark at level 3 has 6 parents' and children's garages. Fareham Borough Council operates this space and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask the Fareham Borough Council via its website. Municipal baby diaper rooms for mom, pop and baby are located both in the Westpassage, Westbury Mall and the major restrooms just behind New Look, providing a large baby room and seperate cloakroom.

We have two in the center at the head restrooms just behind New Look and one in the boot chemist for mothers who would like a discrete breastfeeding zone, who provide a discrete breastfeeding zone without toilet. Please feel free to ask our Center Management Office if you have any questions about found objects.

Teenager father deposits his two-week-old baby on the parking lot of the shopping center - and simply leaves.

An adolescent father left his two-week-old little boy in a parking garage and set off as CCTV material showed. KCRA reported that Daniel Stephen Mitchell was apprehended on Monday after he left the baby in Suisun City Strand Mall, California. Baby was saved by local companies. Proprietors of the Megasmoke Shop in the Sunset Shopping Center near by noted the task of video surveillance.

Storekeeper Karan Grewal tells KCRA it's "heartbreaking." The hairdresser who was working in his workshop at the beginning also saw the automobile seats, and when he came closer he was horrified to see the baby inside, covered in a ceiling. After he had taken the baby to a safe place, he phoned the police.

As a precaution, the baby was examined in an emergency room and given to child protection. Mr Mitchell was taken into detention after escaping from a Fairfield auto accident that occurred while the cops were in the shopping centre, according to report. Previously he had been detained for breaking and entering and was free on security at the outbreak.

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