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Stroller from the very beginning

Wellcome to our Baby-Onlineshop! More than 26 years of professional expertise have been with you since you were born and we are at your side with words and deeds. Here we are offering you a large choice of well-known producers and top class goods for your sweetsection. Baby articles are carefully chosen and of outstanding workmanship so that you and your baby will enjoy using them.

Besides the premiums, the baby items also have a great look and look and fit in every contemporary children's room and family. Do you want to take your baby out and see the wide open air? Together with the major baby carriage producers such as Bugaboo, Joolz, Babyzen, Hartan or Mutsy, we provide you with high-quality baby carriages that you can use from the very beginning.

This way you can use the pram for a long period of your life and relax and walk with your baby. In our Baby Online Store you will also find prams that can be carried as carry-on baggage in an aircraft. Strollers are smaller and more compressible than strollers and designed for babies who can already seated.

You can also find appropriate pushchairs for twin or brother and sister babies in which the kids can be seated side by side or one behind the other. When something happens after years of use, we also provide the genuine parts for many prams. Even from the very beginning you need your first baby car seat on your way home.

You will find the right vehicle for every age in our Baby Online Store. Cybex, Maxi Cosi, Kiddy and Recaro premium seating offers your baby the best possible automotive shelter. Right from the moment your baby is born, you need a baby carrier that transports your baby securely in the vehicle.

Maxi Cosi offers classical automobile seating and innovating reclining seating that makes driving in a vehicle or on a pram more comfortable for the baby. With the right adapter for the child carrier, the child carrier can be fixed to the pram with a click.

It is fixed in the vehicle and then only the vehicle saddle is snapped onto the basis. Your baby needs a new baby safety chair after the baby safety chair. Gladly we consult you and show you the benefits of the individual baby safety chairs. The backward looking vehicle seating allows the little ones to go further backwards up to the ages of four or five.

Thanks to the Group-wide automobile seating, kids can ride from around one year to 12 years of age. 3. You will find the right vehicle for every child in our Baby Online Store. There are also the new i-size cars with Isofix, which have a very good side collision resistance and where the little ones can ride backwards longer.

Besides prams and baby cars, you will also find in our Baby Online Store beautiful baby products that will make your hearts soar. That is why we select our playthings, baby clothing and baby fabrics with great care. You will find a matching plaything or present for infants from childbirth on and for kids up to 3 years in our online store.

Fresk, Koeka, Lässig, Lodger and Snoozebaby fabrics complete your collection. Baby clothing has particularly nice motives and design and excellent workmanship. Fresk baby fabrics are made of 100% bio wool and are therefore particularly pleasant on baby skins. You will find a matching baby carrier, sleepingbag, rompers, baby rug and much more in our store.

Would you like to test the baby articles? You can test and handle the baby in our baby shop. Gladly we would like to help you with the buying of your pram or your baby seats and help you to find the right baby carrier for your baby.

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