Baby Shops


Prams, car seats, beds, bed linen, furniture, mattresses, toys. YoJo Maman Bebe You will find us on South Street, opposite Pizza Express and Wagamamas. With our shop items, you'll be helped through the milestones of withdrawal and pots. There is also a range of travelling and bathing season items and active games that are ideal for these new baby and anniversary outfits.

In search of marvelous motherhood and nutrition clothing? Don't look any further, we have a choice of clothing from vests to evening gowns and in the lining area we provide a large choice of convenient lining stops and clothing. In the Chichester area there is much to do and see, from the cathedral and its premises to some marvelous shops for this relaxed outing.

It' also a great place for moms to get together.

YoJo Maman Bebe

Only 10 minutes walking across the riverside from the train stations, we are perfect for a full days excursion to shops or places of interest. Situated in the centre of historical York for several years, our wonderful shop is a favourite target for all your needs in the areas of maternity, baby and child care.

We are one of the biggest JoJo shops in one of the UK's most attractive towns.

The best baby shops - Which ones?

This is the largest UK purchasing poll and shows which shops buyers consider to be the best and poorest for baby items. The latest poll of shops in the main streets uncovers the truths about baby and children's shops as narrated by the best acquaintances: their clients. We have also introduced smaller, independant retail outlets that focus on product offering, customer care and value for price.

The participants in the survey evaluate the business on the following aspects: reach: What is the breadth of the portfolio and whether it is in inventory? Items: Products: Basing on the qualitiy of the goods and how well they hold. Servicing: On the basis of our employees' expertise, readiness to help, readiness for delivery and after-sales services and return shipments. Save: Basing on the simplicity of the shop's design, the cleanliness of the shop, the shop surroundings, the waiting period and the children's friendliness of the shop.

On the basis of a good price-performance ratio and promotions. Poll:

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