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While our baby and toddler event is now over, you can still discover our wide selection of enchanting clothes, toys and kindergarten supplies for the little ones. On-Site ( OTS ) News Southport Mini-moo is a marvellous new one-stop store for all your motherhood and baby needs, situated in the heart of Southport. In fact, we have a feed and baby change station! Whether it's a pushchair, a baptismal robe or a new baby menu, stop by and rummage through our amazing range and enjoy our individual attention.

Mini Moo is our target: Remember that although we have everything in our warehouse online, there are certain products that we cannot evaluate and resell online. It' s so good and the Mini Moo employees were great and made ordering so simple. I' m really amazed by the services I have gotten from Mini Moo, the great choice and the great prizes.

Our customerservice is first class! Our personnel was well educated and even tried out a number of different cars in our cars for us. Not enough can I thank you and your co-workers for the help and support to bring our baby carriage to us in good times before our arrivals. It' s hard enough to go to a store and get the help and attentiveness you need.

Upon arriving at the Mini Moo, we were welcomed by courteous employees who volunteered their help and led us to the baby carriage exhibition room. Whether you are purchasing everything we have been, or a small present for a baby, Mini Moo offers a truly customized experience.

Renting of baby equipment - Renting in Great Britain

If you travel abroad, if you are not at home or if you have guests with small kids in your house, we know what it is like to be without the necessary baby and child gear. Not only do we provide a special London baby gear rental but we also supply national.

No matter whether you want to rent a London or Oxford baby carriage or baby gear in one of the UK's largest ports, select from our extensive selection of baby carriers, pushchairs, car boots and high stools and check out our new line of baby restraint products.

Select from our bundles, which are available at preferential rental prices. Passenger cars for all ages ranging from childbirth to 12 years. Select from our offer of highchair and child seat. Select from our offer of prams, baby carriages, baby carriages and baby carriages for your little ones........ From stairs to baby phones, everything is important for the security of your baby.

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