Baby Sling


Carrier seats & baby slings Hold your little one in a comfortable baby carriers very near to the action. The baby will appreciate the calming rhythms of your breath and movement, and you can really appreciate having your palms free. If you' re out and about, just put your baby in his cuddly baby sling or baby pappoose and you can get out together.

There is a variety of baby carrier seat types and shapes. There is the athletic, outdoors feeling of BabyBjorn design, or you can try a soft baby pack of Baby K'tan. Wraps your baby tightly together for ease of breast-feeding. Straps are perfect for keeping small babies close to you where they can keep an eyes on them.

An all-new baby carriers was developed to provide supportive posture for the baby's heads and necks and to keep the feet in the frogs' knees in the correct posture (as advised by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute). As they grow taller, your inquisitive baby will appreciate the change to a backpack that will fit like a backpack and let the whole wide open space see it.

Carrying seats are also styled with your convenience in view, with cushioned shoulder supports and easily adjustable shoulder supports. You will soon put your baby in your pyjamas like a professional and you will both enjoy the versatility of a wearer. Pay attention to styles with additional bags to get the most important things for your baby.

If you are beginning to get a little taller, check out our offer of strollers and buggies for the next stage of baby transport.

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