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The Mid Staffs scandal: soother glued to the baby's lips with adhesive tape.

Two and a half month old, Mason Fellows was hospitalized at Stafford early this year after having a breast affection and respiratory difficulties. Mason was found by a member of personnel who had a pacifier stuck to his face. Ms. Fellows said it to the Daily Mail: Well, how can a person do that to an unsuspecting, defenseless baby?

"and couldn't have spat out the decoy. "It' s just horrible, I' m horrified and doing nothing to enhance this hospital' s image. "Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust has apologized to the host families and said an employee has been temporarily removed.

Trusts managers said they were "proud" of the staff who reported the event. After up to 1,200 victims were killed between 2005 and 2009 as a result of terribly poor health services, the focus of a study to be launched in less than two weeks is on the trustees. Police in Stafforshire said they were in the "early stages" of an enquiry and had not yet made any detentions.

As Julie Bailey, whose dam at Stafford hospital passed away and who later founded the Cure the NHS campaign group, said: "Hospitals should be shut down and reopened station by station after all employees have been checked. "Maurer, who just had 2lb, and his twins Reece, who had 2. 5lb, were brought to Walsall Manor before being transferred to Birmingham Children's hospital where they suffered from breast infection and respiratory ailments.

Mama and her friend Lee Denny, 39, and their boys kept a night watch by the bed as they fought for their lives and experienced a series of health issues. In early December they eventually took their children home, but Mason was taken to Stafford Hospital after having difficulty respiring. "After seeing a man who had been glued over Mason's lips, the officers said to her that a coworker had warned her.

Said he was "proud" of the employees who reported the event. So we want other clinics to know about this so we can be sure it won't affect another baby. We have a zero tolerant attitude to bad health and take immediate, appropriate measures as soon as we become aware of possible serious events in our wards.

" A formal investigation of the hospital's deficiencies, in which between 400 and 1,200 unnecessary deaths occurred due to a catalog of deficiencies and alarming medical conditions, will be released on 6 February.

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