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More and more stores are offering genuine diapers, ecological and biological baby clothing and other products for mum and baby. Below is a sample of businesses with a good product portfolio. Becaming Baby specializes in ecological products and fabrics for babies and mothers, with a choice of baby clothing, diapers, disposable diapers, nature sheets, bed linen and hand sheets as well as games, some of which are called "forest friendly".

Comfort is specialized in chemical-free premium quality apparel for kids and grown-ups with delicate skins. The assortment comprises washing diapers. Edit4Cloth supplies 100% biological babywear, produced and sold according to ethical standards, with eco-friendly dyestuffs - and especially designed to meet the needs of unwieldy diapers. Easy-peasy diapers produce and sale a variety of wash-able diapers and also yours toy.

Babe carries only ethically produced products for mothers and infants from 0 - 5 years, which include baby wear made from biological wool, environmentally safe, naturally wood toy, biological and biological hygiene products, environmentally safe and biologically degradable diapers, fabric diapers, biological presents and much more. The Green Nippers are an ethically, environmentally responsible, biological brand for baby and children's apparel that only sells Soil Association approved apparel and accessory.

Small Earthlets supplies baby products that are naturally, ecologically and organically grown, and together with an US firm named Little Babies we offer a line of 100% certificated Bio separate and Babyssentials. Personal hygiene products are made from naturally occurring substances without the use of synthetic dyes; petroleum-based substances, washing agents or fragrances. It also sells games, furnishings, books and more.

Since 2002 Little Green Radicals has been manufacturing bio and fairly traded fashions for infants and toddlers. Mumis is selling a variety of re-usable diapers and accessoires. Naturally Nursery offers diapers, clothes, bed linen, toilet articles, wood games and more. On their website you will find information about the why and how of diapers, about the advantages of Bio and FA, complete information about their supplier and link to information resources about education and ecological live.

Schmidt-Naturbekleidung has an assortment of clothes for infants, kids and grownups, which are produced without chemicals from biologically cultivated fibers. It declares that its clothes are carefully cultivated and produced with respect for the natural world, that its vendors are active in promoting organic and biodynamic production, and that Fair Trade standards are rigorously observed.

You say that your assortments help new viable businesses in development or strengthen small locally based manufacturers, and that they do not bring in from places where manufacturing practices cannot be monitored or children are used. It offers a part paying program for those who want to buy diapers made of wool.

The Spirit of Nature offers a wide selection of products that are naturally and ecologically sound, among them bio- and babywear, diapers, naturally skincare, games and ecological home products. Your products are manufactured with as many as possible naturally occurring substances and without the use of aggressive chemical products. Kids Window is an on-line store that only sells products for infants and kids, such as baby items, apparel, furnishings, diapers and games.

Little Green Sheep believe that the sleeping time of a baby plays an important role , selling a line of baby bed linen and baby bedsheets , free from biocides, fungicides or fire resistant chemical and bio free products. Toy The Organic Toy Company specializes solely in toy products that meet stringent requirements to certify 100% organically grown cottons, a variety of other toy products and even certificated organically grown cosmetics.

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