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Explore the La Coqueta Spanish Baby Boutique in our Hampstead, Notting Hill and Battersea Stores. Babyshops open near closed babies R Us stores. The JCPenney is growing baby stores after Babys re Us closings

The JCPenney brand expands its range of baby articles with new baby stores in 500 stores. There will be some major articles, such as nativity scenes, highchairs and baby carriages, which were previously only available on line, as well as a wider range of baby clothing for sale. It wants to profit from the closure of Baby Ras and win new clients.

But JCPenney doesn't waste much quality capital from the demise of JCPenney R Us. On Thursday, the supermarket reported that it was introducing new "baby shops" in 500 of its stores. Those revised areas will include some major articles, such as crèches, highchairs and pushchairs, which were previously only available on-line, as well as a wider range of baby clothing and baby articles such as flasks, dummies, diaper bag and inflatables.

JCPenney's JCPenney Sr. VP and JCPenney Chief of Marketing James Starke stated in a media release that the timings were not accidental. He said, "The business is taking the chance to track available sales and use these new stores to be aggressive on baby customers. "We chose these 500 JCPenney sites because most of the stores are close to a baby store that recently shut its doors," he added, probably relating to Baby's R Us, which was part of the Toys R Us empire that applied for insolvency in September and wound up all of its US stores early this year.

Since JCPenney had difficulty finding its place in the trading environment, it wants to attract new clients and direct visitors to its stores. CEO Marvin Ellison left the firm in May to go to Lowe's. Ellison has left the boat at a critical point for the deal.

"Marvin Ellison's leaving JCPenney couldn't have come at a less favourable moment for the troubled retail group. Ellison's turn-around programme has worked in part but is far from complete," said Neil Saunders of GlobalData Retail at the forefront. Speaking to the Wall Street Journal in July, Mike Robbins, JCPenney's senior VP of Supply Chains - and one of four senior managers to assume the roles of chief operating officer while the firm is looking for a replacement for Ellison - said that the greatest fall in the business had been to turn away the gaze from its regular client to reach thousand-year-old buyers.

Well, the main client he's talking about here is the middle-aged mother. However, the new baby stores seem to be geared towards winning millennia that are just beginning to become mothers. It is not the first attempt by JCPenney to capitalise on the insolvencies of other retail traders. Part of his 2016 turn-around efforts, Ellison headed the task of getting equipment back into business after a 33-year break.

It was the brainchild of the company to take the money in on the fall of the competing supermarket Sears and call on thousand-year-old home buyers for the first-ever.

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