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Are you looking for comfortable baby clothing or accessories for your newborn? Baby clothes | Designer clothes for youngsters in Spain The Coqueta, a major label and shop of designers and designers for infants and youngsters from 0 month to 10 years old, was established in 2013 with the goal of promoting and supporting Spain's designs and crafts. Each item in the range is "Proudly made in Spain", from the fabric selection to the designs and finishing of each item, from girls' clothes to boy's clothes.

The origins of each piece of apparel go back to a small Spaniard company and the techniques and techniques used have been used for hundreds of years. All our children's apparel and footwear are wonderfully crafted, functionally and hard-wearing. Celia Munoz, founder and creative director, is a five-year-old woman who knows how important it is to find easy-care garments that work, can be given to the next baby and still look good.

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Complement your Hispanic baby suit with our enchanting baby shoe series. Decorate your diminutive legs with wonderfully worked baby carriage boots, girl Mary Jane boots and T-Bars, all affectionately made in Spain. No matter what the reason, our baby slippers will be a stylish complement to your baby's cloakroom. Mary Janes, our wonderful baby, is available in a wide range of colors, from strong and light to darkness and sobriety.

Classical styling that has always proven itself and will brighten up any wardrobe. Our baby Mary Janes lets your little ones discover their surroundings softly and smoothly, whether they get up, crawl or take the important first step. Combine our colorful Mary Janes with our baby clothes and rompersuits.

Manufactured from smooth hide or buckskin with an easy-to-fasten clasp, our classic Baby T-Bar footwear is made from a range of high quality materials. Made in Spain, our Baby T-Bars are not only stylish, but also convenient and perfect for youngsters. Be it in combination with a smoked baby gown, charming overalls or a trouser kit, T-Bar footwear is a multi-faceted and enduring outfit.

No matter whether the weather is sunny where you are living or on vacation, our baby slippers connect technical skill with practical functionality. As with most of our baby slippers, our shoes are manufactured in Spain and are specially crafted to be both comfortably and beautifully. Perfect for boy or girl, our baby slippers can be combined with romper, overalls or baby clothes.

Our range of baby slippers is designed from the moment you are born to the moment, so that you can give them to your brothers and sisters and the next generations. Explore our new collections of baby boys clothing and baby girls clothing in our Spain neonatal outerwear line.

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