Baby Strollers with car Seat

Stroller with car seat

The name Recaro stands for design, safety and comfort. Locate the Recaro child seat or Recaro pram that best suits your family. Car seat and pram Rekaro RECORO is synonymous with quality workmanship, security and convenience. Locate the best seat or stroller for your loved one. Auto seat adaptors turn the Remaro baby seat and stroller into a 3-in-1 travelling system.

Genuine accessory from our recharo is also available in our on-line store. For over 100 years, thanks to its unparalleled expertise, Remaro has revolutionised the way people sit in cars, planes and in motorsport.

The unique know-how acquired during the creation of the individual restraining devices for infants. The goal of RECORO is to produce a product that sets new benchmarks in respect of aesthetics, function, comfort and security. Using new concepts and groundbreaking technology, Remaro works constantly to provide you with the best possible product for a fun lifestyle with your family.

Recaro Privia and Young Profi Plus baby car seats can be used for infants from childbirth to approx. 15 mothers. Child car seat can simply be mounted on the 3-point seat harness in the car or with the Recaro Isofix or RecaroFix bases. Recaro Group 1 car seat is for kids from 9 month to about 3 1/2 years.

Recaro Young Sport HERO and Recaro Monza Nova IS Seatfix car seat, on the other side, are designed for kids from 9 month to 12 years and are part of ECE group 1-2-3. Recaro car seat that can be used from 3 1/2 years to about 12 years:

Recaro Monza 2 is securely fastened in the car with the 3-point harness. On the other hand, the Recaro Monza Nova 2 Seatfix has iso-fix connections and is thus securely fixed in the car. RECARO Easy-life unites the versatility of a pushchair with the convenience of a pram. However, the Recaro Citylife is a small stroller that can be used directly from the moment of delivery with the carrier bag or the Privia baby seat.

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