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The Mum-To-Be Pack is available by downloading Bounty's App. Award-winning app is so much more than just a pregnancy or a baby tracker! We have rebuilt the Free Stuff section from scratch. Be guided by our beautifully designed app, which provides expert information, insights and daily tips during pregnancy and your baby's first year. What are companies giving this stuff away for?

Bounty Maternity, Childbirth & Baby in the App Store

So much more than just a baby or pregnant, this award-winning app is a baby tracking device! - You can even use the app to get an additional Bounty Portrait present at childbirth! - In addition, you' ll find gestation hints, tipps and tricks on a variety of subjects including baby name, nutrition, withdrawal and much more!

  • Everything you need to help you from your baby's gestation to their first birth, all in one app! If you use the integrated Spotlight on your mobile device, items and coupons from the Bounty application can now be displayed in the results. Bounty App, from the first registration and download of the app 10 week ago mature and I really liked all the information, items and promotions and no cost for the app, which is great.

I would look forward during my gestation to see the evolution of my baby every single day when the number of weekly pregnancies has varied, mine was always a Sunday.

The Preloved Kids Stuff in the App Store

Market place for the purchase and sale of beloved baby and children's articles in your area. Here is Pitapat to help you find good deals and give your beloved articles a second try to bring luck to a child's world. Beautiful app with a very nice user base, recommended to your friend. Contribute to the savings of your family and help other family members at the same by reusing children's products!

By now I have been able to collect a barely used pushchair on pitchapat for my little one - an absolutely good deal. This app can be used by up to six members of your extended household if sharing is activated.

This is how you get your free Bounty package from Tesco

To get your package, simply browse the Bounty Pr├ęgnancy, Birth & Baby App and show your In-App gift certificate to Customer Service at any store except Tesco Express. Bounty package? What's a Bounty package? The Bounty Package is a pouch of free sample and information to help pregnant women and new families find out more about their pregnancies and baby needs.

In addition to practical free patterns for your little ones, you will get discount coupons, special deals and a useful guidebook with ratings and tips. When you collect it from Tesco, you will get a special bulk pack of Tesco Love's baby diapers and towels. Where can I get my bunty kits?

Just browse and the Bounty App and you can pick up your Mum-to-be luggage from your mobile in-store. Your newborn bounty package will be delivered to the delivery unit - for the first few day. Keeping the Bounty app up and running means that if your kid is about four and a half month old, you can cash in your next package - the Growing Family pack.

Dies offers free Tesco Love's full size baby diapers and baby towels for older baby. So what else do I need for my baby? And if you're still asking yourself what else you need for your baby, just take a look at our check list for bags for hospitals or our check list for newborns.

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