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Do you know what's incredibly cool? Twenty provocative things about parent triples Do you know what's unbelievably cool? Parent three. Parent three. Cause as big as it is, it's tough to raise a triplet.

To not be able to keep your little sister/newborn. And we were warned to count on the risk of erroneous alerting, and there were certainly many. It taught us that wrong notifications are still quite alerting.

Blank, drinking cup, passive, love, etc... And we have never put in place a real colour system, as many people suggest, because, I don't know, I suppose we didn't want to exclude our children from a colour or anything. However, it was difficult to keep an overview of all this. Stuff. The amount of baby items we had was... amazing.

We' ve turned an whole room into our own copy of Baby Central. That' exactly what made travelling so difficult. We had to carry all this stuff to the shore. Now, that and the fact that we were on an 8-hour drive with three baby's, so there was that, too.

I watched three little toddlers playing. I saw three little baby boys fighting for a toy. In the beginning, all the attentiveness was kind of cool. Potenty practice is like a poor show in which the winner gets a biscuit while the hosts are poured with faulty Urinströmen. There' s nothing I like more than giving a baby a baby a bathroom.

Giving three baby 3 dips is gonna get a little old. However, just trust me, if you eat with triplets/toddlers, it's quite an ordeal. No. Keeping one means you missed keeping another! The most difficult part of the triple is the fact that when you hold one, it means you're not held by any of the others.

What makes you realise how consecrated you are for such a wonderful affection for three different infants of the same age.

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