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Mothers and fathers, we know that children and babies can be expensive, so to help you save money, take a look at our free area. Comfortable waterproof backpacks for toddlers and beyond. There is a large selection of all the important baby products and a visit to our shop is a must. Easy ways for children to be creative, including playing with water, reading books, rattling, playing dough, drawing and painting, dressing and modeling.

Complimentary accessories for children & baby: Toy, groceries (new for 18 September)

All of us know that children and infants can be costly. If you are a parent, grandparent or friend, make sure you take all the free children's and baby items we provide with you to help your loved ones (or others). Who gives away free gifts? Browse down to see what's available and fill your boot with kids and baby freeebies!

The best child- and baby-friendly places in Birmingham to go.

There is also an ultimative guidebook for things to do with children in Birmingham - and we also look at our vacation planning and summers guidebook. Going outside with your baby and infant is the best way to exhaust them for lunch! It was Sadia Ahmed who proposed this beautiful, busy parkland right in front of the downtown area, ideal for infants and young children.

Two playgrounds for kids, a weekend amusement park (depending on wheather conditions), a lakeside, minigolf, plenty to park your car and led rangers for kids. This is also where the local branch of the Mc Art Center is located, with a lot of funny things to do for young kids and a café. All over the center, a stroller and a ramp allow you to go anywhere.

It is a large open room for walking and playing. There is a good playground, a wood playground and a café. They often provide extra activity for kids during the holiday. Parents each want a picture of their baby walking through a box of bells - and this is the place.

There is a farmyard, a visitors center and a playground. It is a seven hectare park just a few moments from the center of the town. Children under the age of five can attend free of charge, but grown-ups must buy entrance. There is a great playground and a buffer tank, which you can also take advantage of in sommer.

Mrs Frost also talked about the parents and toddlers group Baby Birds for preschoolers and their caregivers which is held every Wednesday. The entrance prices are valid for the operation. Entrance fee. In this giant bookshop there is a great children's section and a café. It was Juliette Hibbert who proposed the infant time meetings, which take place every Wednesday from 11 am to 12 pm.

Children get free sqash or babycinno and tales are narrated by Waterstone's own narrator Gavin Young. When your baby can run, it can hop at Rush! It is a large sports center with around 15,000 m² of ballpools, streetcars, huge cannons and lots of funny stuff. Open in the morning for toddlers, they have free parkings and an award-winning clock cafe.

Entrance fee. There is a giant indoors playground with three different playing devices for different age groups and a go-kart area. Entrance fee. There is a baby basin with a surfmaker, 50 metres of canal and active fountains for brave children! Entrance fee. The Scallywags offer slide ways, rock climb areas, running and crawling areas as well as a sensorial infant and baby area for the little ones.

There are baby change places and the free of charge multi-storeypark. Here there is a small softplay area for the little ones and a café. There are also special day trips for small kids. And if you have older kids, they can paint their own cups and piggy banks.

There is a baby change room, a micro-wave to heat baby foods and bicycle stands and locker rooms, as well as many opportunities to employ both toddlers and older children. Or invite your children after a purchase to an excursion in the Science Garden at Thinktank, which provides free entrance after 15 o'clock.

There is a beautiful teahouse in Edwardy which serves inexpensive meals and is very child-friendly. There is a varying decrease in the number of weekend and holiday trips for families (low fees). They can also use the cafés without having to buy admission to the buildings. There are often outdoor pursuits that children can have all year round, and you can have a nice lunch on the patio of this beautiful monochrome house.

Our light and relaxing children's libary is a rich source for children. They can roll up and enjoy reading storybooks or participate in some activity. Dressing rooms are available, there is a pram parking area on the groundfloor and the whole libary is breastfeeding area. There is a farmyard, a playground and a café.

The Ikon Gallery with its broad automated door is pram tolerant and there are baby change options throughout the school. Ikon plus Family Saturday offers a variety of mornings for parents and toddlers where children can participate in practical exhibits related activites. Entrance is free, although some activites may involve either cash or a small contribution.

The New York café will also open there soon. We' ve asked Brummie Mummies where they like to take their kids for dinner. Mothers and fathers like these places because employees go the mile and offer children's pursuits, hidden backyards, super milk shakes or just a little help with the stroller.

Neither of the parents wants to go to the grocery store with a baby or infant, but these are the places that are most easily reached when necessary. "Ways are broad, there is no charge for car park and there is also a Softplay when your baby is old enough to enter.

Amenities include lavatories, a quiet feed area, a nappy-changing room and a room for mothers who wish to breast feed privately. The shop also has a café with warm dishes, sweets and fresh vegetables as well as vegetarian and gluten-free dishes. They can even keep your kindergarten gifts at John Lewis, and they also provide a children shoes customization aftermarket.

One of the most popular stores in the world, Home of Fraser has a large children's section as well as a parents' and babies' room for baby diapers and breastfeeding. It also has a café to get together with other mothers and a brassiere fitter to get the body back before getting pregnant. It has great nappy-changing, feed and dressing rooms large enough to accommodate a pram while you try on the wide selection of motherhood and infant clothing.

Mothercare is naturally suited for adults and kids with automated doorways and access corridors for prams and BH fittings. There are five nappy-changing rooms in the mall and a parental control programme where personnel are taught to provide a safe place for kids to get out of their way. You can find a help line number on vibrant fluorescent labels and colored poster throughout the center.

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