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Fifteen things you own as a kid that could be valuable to a thousand.

According to a survey, two-thirds of the UK's 18+ year olds hoard their children's toy in the hopes that one day they'll get wealthy - but are they really good? Much of the country's populace stuffs their parents' attic with their children's belongings and predicts that they will be worth a page or two in the near-term.

Mirror says six out of ten are planning to resell their plastics to make a gain, and four out of ten expect their own collections to be valued at a thousand sometime in the near term. There is a risk that if the toys collected become so beloved, if two-thirds of the country's penthouses are filled with the same objects, it is less likely that they will be of value.

There is no doubt, however, that certain gemstones are valued at several hundred lbs - but how do you recognize the garbage heap? Allow us to take you through some of the most precious children play equipment and how much you can look forward to from them.... When you are confronted with a pile of children's playthings that your parent is putting pressure on you to get it off, take some your own little bit of your spare to find out what might actually be of value instead of holding (or throwing) everything.

It is a good place to begin, but do some more research on what you have and what might be uncommon in the world. First we will look at what is often presented as the Holy Grail of precious children's toy - the Beanie Baby.

Throughout the years, a number of virus related items have described these padded pets as having a value of thousand - but are they really of any value? But if you are fortunate enough to own a few, then yes, you could look at a few hundred pounds on Ebay, but don't overlook the fact that the overwhelming vast majority of Beanie babies are of little value.

The Princess Diana commemorative teddy is often celebrated as one of the rarest, but today it doesn't get much recognition on Ebay. A few gold gemstones can earn more than 1,000 pounds, such as the Employee Beanie Baby. Below is a good guide to which of our pairs of Bears are the rarest and which are the most valuable.

However, pay attention to things like tagging and whether the bears are first or second generations as these influence the prices you can anticipate. The two Polly Pocket Set's (The Little Mermaid and Alice in Wonderland) recently purchased on Ebay for 1,421 - but they were in good working order and still fully packed.

Under the assumption that you haven't kept all your playthings intact in their pristine packaging, jewellery cases can still take between £10 and £30, but rare ones can take up to £450! Attempt to bundle a few to demand a little more cash (and saving on postage). Pikachu Illustrator was the most valuable Pokémon ticket ever bought for 44,000 - only 30 were produced and given as awards for an illustrations game.

But there are some other rarities to watch out for that might be valuable to a few bobs. For example, a first copy of the Holographic Shadowless Charizard is about £9,000, and a first copy of the Shining Charizard is about £2,600. - At the bottom right is the collector's number - a collector's number higher than the total number in the deck, e.g. 65/64, indicates that the deck is a limited editions.

When you have an OEM 1998 Furby, it might be quite something, especially if it is a restricted release or in the OEM box. There are most selling for between 10 - 30 on Ebay, but we have seen a rarely multi-coloured versions going for 200 pounds. Furby de 1998 pour avoir une idée de la valeur que vous pourriez en tirer.

Yeah, your old aquapistols might be good for some bucks. Some Super Soaker cars are selling off some serious bucks. Powerful XL gets 130-200 pounds on a regular basis, for example, while the Super Soaker 50 is about 30-50 pounds or so. Frequent eBay designs probably won't do you much good, but it's also a good idea to check Ebay for new tendencies or requirements.

When you still have your Tamagotchi from 1996-1997, certain version can bring in a lot. Unfortunately, the big dollars are reserved for the open ones still in the crate, which can be around 50-100 pounds, while most open ones are just about 10-20 pounds or so. Pay attention, however, to extra or uncommon issues, as in some cases they can still bring in 80 to 100 pounds!

Digimon Tamagotchis are also a little less well known, usually for 30 - 60 on Ebay and up to 100 on occasion. As with Pokémon, some of the rarest Yu-Gi-Oh! playing styles today are quite valuable. An easy way to see if your map is any good is to use Map Mavin - a prize leader site for collectors' maps like Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh!

As there are usually different editions of the same map, it is better to enter the unambiguous map number located in the lower right hand side of the image. Limit this by choosing the maps that are closest to yours (e.g. using handlographic maps) and the map value will be adjusted accordingly.

When you have a bunch of parts from a particular pack or series, you can get a little more (up to £50 for a reasonable amount) and you can get more than £100 for a large bunch of minifigures. Entire kits, however, are the place where the genuine cash is. A few of the Star Wars kits can earn millions, such as the Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon, which was purchased for £3,800 (bought for £342).

Taj Mahal could also bring you over 1,000, while Cafe Corner is apparently over 2,000. Ebay is one of the most popular websites in the world. If you are fortunate enough to own one of these precious kits, you might want to consider using a special website like Brick Picker as a way to make sure you get the best offer.

McDonald's Happy Meal toy is never as good these days as it was in the good old '90s, is it? Today some of the most beloved and collectible kits can earn you some money (but unfortunately we are not speaking of loads). Toy like the 1997 Teen Beanie Babies or the 1999 McFurbies won't bring you much more than a few pounds, but bigger kits can bring in a little more.

A lot of adult education cassettes are very precious, but nowadays, but most are probably from your parents' time rather than yours. If you have a crackdown on your stock of videos and see if they have any rarities - movies that never made it to DVDs are usually the most precious. You' ll often find a lot of Disney VIP tape hoopla - especially the Black Diamond Editions - but while folks often ask for Ebay hundred, they seldom get more than a few pounds.

Notorious The Little Mermaid (which was forbidden because one of the towers seemed too similar to a certain part of the masculine body) was last on Ebay for only £8.48. Their best wager is to resell your Disney VHS cartridges as a kit, but don't expect large quantities of cash for them!

You can also look at information about the top-classified Disney Vault in our moneymaking guides. Preproofs can also take 5,000+ and first issues of the 1999 edition of Luxe are also charged between 320 - 800 pounds. And the first few volumes of the next few volumes of the show are also quite large (we're speaking of 6,500 pounds for the Chamber of Secrets), but as soon as you meet volumes 4-5, only Rowling's self-signed copy is high.

Classical game consoles from the early 90s can now earn about 60 pounds on Ebay, and maybe a little more if you have some throwing them. Your 1998 Game Boy Colour could even bring you 40 - 60, or a little more if you have a rarer one.

The old tapes of your gambling might be quite valuable now, especially the less frequent ones. However even one of the most popular gaming machines, Mario Kart 64, can make you around 30 on Ebay, or 40 - 50 if you still have the genuine packaging. iPods may no longer be the main equipment they used to be, but some of the first gen machines are now valued at a nice cent.

When you have a first-generation iPod from 2001, you can earn between 100 and 200 on Ebay, according to state. It' s even possible for second-generation iPod Classics to cost between 50 and 100, so it's a good idea to hunt them down. The first issues of the Beano are really seldom, but if you can get your fingers on them, you could do a serious moola.

Annual plants from Béano are also becoming more and more precious, so make sure you keep yours in good shape - you never know how much they might be valuable one of these days. Did you seriously make money sellin' your toy for school?

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