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I finally get to sort out and sell the old baby clothes from DS. But Ebay is hard work when it comes to cheap material you sell to IME. Preferred It is the brand of the pre-loveed brand with a symbolic balloon in the shape of a balloon and the letters L and D with a loving hearts icon carved from the centre. Words'Preloved' are displayed along the logotype trade name, which is the logotype trade name'Preloved', showing a sign in the form of a balloon and the letters L and D with a loving hearts sign carved from the centre.

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It'?s okay to sell things someone gave you?

Well, I have several boyfriends who give me their old baby/children's clothing and outfit. I am very thankful for this because we are quite poor (despite both work) and have three children (I would say that the guys who give me things are all much better off than we are).

If my children have outgrown things, or if we don't need it anymore, I usually try to sell everything I can on ebay/facebook etc. because we need every Penny that comes in that we can. When I have things that would be useful for a friend's kid, I give them to them, but because of different ages, most of the guys who give me things have no need to need any of my ready stuff.

Also I sell things that my friends have given me, but I have the feeling that they would be upset if they found out, although I am justifying it to myself that if they wanted to sell it, they could have done it - they did not have to give it to me. Just wondered what other folks thought about it.

I recently had a boyfriend give me a breastpump with a bunch of stuff. Sell it when I didn't need it anymore. She wrote me now that another boyfriend is pre-g and she can have it back. You think I should be feeling sick about selling it?

Should I keep all her old baby clothes after they're too small, in case she ever chooses to have them back? And I have someone who gives me a bit of design baby stuff that I would never buy myself because a) I can't buy it and b) I think it's completely absurd and senseless.

When it' s not something I like very much, then I am known to sell things instead of using them (and risk my kid making them damaged and unsaleable). Again, I think if they wanted to sell these things, then they should have. They gave it to you to help someone else now, instead of using someone else's fabric to fill your bag. Probably not the answer you wanted, but if it was me, you'll never give yourself anything so impudent again.

So I said: "May I sell it and divide the money? I don't understand what you are saying and why you have to sell them, I have 3 children and I know that it can be hard. I think if someone gives you something then it would be right to ask before you give it away or sell it. I gave a boyfriend all the dresses of my Dad2 and then found out that another mother I know from college is waiting for a little gal, so I asked my boyfriend to give me what her Dad had grown out of so that I could sell it to the other mother.

i think it's a cute thing to do. although once i gave it to her they are hers i don't know how i'd feel once she was selling it. the breastpump is different that i'd have gone back just in case she needs it in the near term. i'd rather feel guilty and try and substitute it.

I would sell it on a website if they didn't see it being bought. If Ft example, if that's on your db, don't sell it on their case you insult them. You could be losing a boyfriend because of it. It just depends on egoism.

But I don't really get stuff from my boyfriends if they gave it to you, didn't lend it to you... then why shouldn't you sell it unless they find out or you resell it in a nearby place? Perhaps u could be offering to buy her a low-cost new one, say you busted it by disaster, can't find it, or loaned it back to a boyfriend and never saw it back who really fought?

You might want to ask if they ever want it back before you take something, because in my opinion "lending" is different than "giving"... I know how difficult it can be to be broke. Before my own birthday presents, I used to sell Christmas presents to make superfluous meats. Think you should have verified if that individual wanted some of the stuff back that was given to you.

And if I were the one who would have given it to you to use, I'd be a little upset if you'd just bought it and kept the cash. Doesn't really make a difference that these guys are a little better off than you are, you shouldn't have just presumed you could.

Breast pumps - you have to admit it and apologize for your error. Your goal is to give your boyfriend the cash you made with it, and if you don't have it at the time, you have to keep it until you do.

Also I have this issue, I have my friend who gave me pilles of clothes...if the objects are tagged or spotted, if my boy grew out of them, I gave them away. I even asked one of my girlfriends what she wanted me to do with all the dresses she gave me, and it was said, "I don't know".

I' d sell some pieces. One of my girlfriends gave me pockets and pockets with clothing and games that belonged to her child when I was expecting. At the end I had a boys, so I kept some things and gave the girl things to my spouse nothingness with the permission of my boyfriends. As he overcame the Unisex stuff, I glued it with the rest on Ebay.

The girlfriend didn't buy us anything when our boy was begotten, her present was the (much appreciated) used bit satchel. Selling the new stuff that my boyfriends as baby partners were buying when I was done with them, I'm sure most folks would think it was okay - what' the biggie?

Everything ended with us moving to Oz and giving this boyfriend all the baby stuff we didn't sell - crib, boombo, etc. etc. etc. and telling her to sell the parts and handle her dad with whatever she made of it. When you think that your boyfriend might have a problem trying to sell things they gave you, then the real estate was not really yours and it was a mortgage that should be given back or discarded as they see it right.

Borrowing things (not clothes) from my boyfriends and offering them again and again when we no longer need them, I wouldn't have been surprised if a boyfriend had been selling my things.... The majority of folks, when they give away orphaned clothing, objects, etc., "give" them and don't lend them, but it's definitely rewarding to check if they don't want them back afterwards, as this only causes astonishment (as you know!).

If they don't want the objects back, though yes, from a technical point of view, the objects belong to you because they were given to you, if they knew that you also made cash with the stuff, they just rub it somehow incorrectly..... But everything is still in a good state, if we're done with it (not very much TBH - mostly things my kids wouldn't carry), we'll either give it to the fundraiser, or if it's a "branded" object like a monsoon or land and has some value, we could resell it.

We' re not gonna keep any of that cash. It' a problem to sell it on and then not keep the cash, but we just don't really like to keep it...and since we've been given so much beauty to give back a little as a thank you (and they obviously didn't want the effort to sell it themselves).

So although you do nothing bad (as long as you told its a present not a borrowed item) most folks don't feel comfortable about it...maybe if you were up front from the beginning and said, "Does it bother you when once we're done with it, I'll sell it on, or do you want to give it back to someone else if its still in fair conditions?

At least then you are aware of your intention.... and chances are good that most folks will say, of course, do what you want when you're done and no feelings of blame or anger need be felt by anyone! I would definitely ask her first about things like a breastpump or a toy. You shouldn't just sell things that have been made available to you.

And if I knew a boyfriend did this, I'd give my things to someone else in the world! No, if a boyfriend gives you something, you should give it to someone else when you no longer need it, not sell it. I gave things away and didn't want to ask.

I' ve also gotten some things off my chest that were given to me. To be honest, although breastpumps are not really intended for splitting, something that has to do with milkparticles getting into the parts? Borrowed my girlfriend a few things when her Dad was birth, Moses cage, Gumbo fit, sterilizer etc. A year or so later I had my Dad and asked for the stuff back, but she had damn well been selling everything.

She was disappointed when she said, hey, I don't need it, you want it back or you should give it away, I wouldn't have taken care of it, but I was really broke and she made a lot of cash with my stuff. Passed in clothing and bread rolls, but nothing else. if she asked for it.

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