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Ten reasons you have with your spouse when you have a baby.

You' re occupied, you' re under stress and both are trying to get your mind around parenting when you' re hardly asleep. It' by far the most frequent battle new families have, because when you are in the middle, you are sure YOU have it the hardest: the reality is whether you go to work or stay at home with the baby - when you have a new baby, nobody gets off easy.

Usually the Soiled Nappy stand off precedes the line when you get lost in a fight of willpower to see who can endure the smell of baby shit longer. Where' s the [insert lacking baby article here]? If you have a baby, your once organized home will become a ocean of strange stockings, filthy linen and little plastics that will make it very hard to find anything.

They seem, however, only to find that the object has been lost at the worst possible moment. The baby wants to be fed at 1am, but you can't find the coli droplets that need to be given before being fed. When your little one screams and you can't find her doll, or you're in the middle of a quick switch and the towels are gone.

Since the baby can't even lift anything, accuse your spouse of dragging it and start a hot "whisper row" in the dark as you search for the missing object. It' amazing how much chaos is caused by a little baby! If you have a new baby, it is already irritating enough that the whole wide outside meets to give you unasked "advice" on how to nourish, console or bring your baby to bed.

So, if you've tried to get the baby to go to bed for THREE consecutive sleepinghours and your spouse tells you to leave her sleepy but alert, it's like a banner in front of a Taurus. Well, who woken the baby? If you have a baby that awakes a whole bunch at nights, it's really stressing.

Once you put them to bed, you do everything you can to keep them awake, as well as follow certain guidelines to prevent guilt games from playing: Only that it is much more irritating to work with a baby crying at 2am than to have to take his dark cuppa.

If you are a parent, you will do everything in your powers to save your valuable baby from harm. However, the argument begins when you and your spouse have a different notion of what "dangerous" is. Let's be honest: alone with your children, having enough free space is a seldom pleasure, so if your spouse goes to the toilet for half an hours, it can make your heart water!

If you have a baby, you can have a number or two, but despite all the fatigue and crying, you are surprised what a great parental your mate is.

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