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The senses of your baby are the sense of the world around them. See if there is anything you can do to playfully stimulate your baby's senses. For each letter I get only one thing, but now I have many ideas!

Things to do (if your baby has other ideas)

Once the baby has arrived, you will find that practically every part of your baby lives changes. This is because all your focus is on baby, and where it is not, it is more than likely that it will be focused on work. So, how do you manage to get things done when baby demands your attentiveness? What do you do to make sure the dishes in the wash basin are washed, the groceries done, the floors wiped and wiped and the invoices settled when baby starts to find its place in the canteen?

According to what you need to do, buckling the baby into its stroller or baby wrap and taking it with you can help saving precious times. It is a multitasking way, but it can be very useful in the way that baby will always be in your line of website and you don't have to care about what they do in the next room.

For example, if you take a bath, place the baby in a seesaw or stool in a part of the bath where it will not be watered. When you need to train, you can take your baby with you to some fitness centers. Of course, this depends on you providing minimum interference for other guests, but if you keep the baby in a stroller while you are burning your energy on the conveyor belt, there should be no problems.

When not, there is always the possibility to train with baby in a baby carriage especially developed. Regardless of how much you want to include the baby in daily life such as showering or sports, some things need attention and alone effort. Making up for clerical work, doing the laundry, preparing meals and decorating your own evening meal are by their very nature not occupations where baby can be a permanent fixture.

Sometimes, believe it or not, it is not possible to sleep when the baby is asleep. So, how do you make sure the baby in the other room is still okay without interrupting your work? While you' re still doing things, how do you keep an eye on baby? Fortunately, there is a wide range of baby monitors available on the open air markets that allow you to hear the baby while it lies asleep in the next room.

There are some that have a camcorder connection so you can watch baby TV and others even have WiFi. With the latter, the benefit is that you don't need an appropriate screen to watch and hear, but only a connection to the net, and if you need to walk out of the room for a few moments, you can review it while you're away.

Remember that some Wi-Fi devices are vulnerable to being hacked, and take appropriate action to ensure that the safety not only of your baby but of your home as a whole is not affected. However, in most cases, baby monitor businesses take this topic seriously and there are many baby monitor products out there that are valuable to your pocket.

Asking your spouse to have more leeway, or asking for favors from well-meaning boyfriends and family members who said they would be there after the baby's birth to help, to ask for help, is nothing to be embarrassed about. A Healthdirect Australia poll of 1,011 new mothers found that insomnia, baby malnutrition and postnatal recovery times are high on the worries agenda.

You may have to take part in certain dates, e.g. when the baby simply cannot come (e.g. dental surgeon, gynaecologist, psychiatrist). While you may like to bring the baby to the stores or other less serious dates, there are occasions when you will find yourself needing to take care of things for yourself.

It can be very useful for your good health to reconcile your sleeping patterns with those of your baby for new parents who are resting from giving birth and have some vacation for motherhood. The reason for this is that the baby wakes up continuously and disturbs his or her sleeping habits, which affect the 7 to 9 hour REM recommendation.

It is of no use to anyone, especially you and baby, if your good health is failing because you are not well enough relaxed or excessively stressful.

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