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As soon as you buy your Cosatto, you'll be part of the family. In fact, you can get by with very little extra "stuff" when you need it. Many people simply buy a changing mat and change their baby on the bed / table / floor.

The most useful vs. the most futile baby stuff.

Getting a baby is a beautiful thing. So many " useful " textbooks and periodicals that tell you what to buy and what will look " charming " in your recently furnished children's room (because ALL THE PARTY's are likely to open a day care center, not just put the bed in the corner), is there really a need to buy everything on the baby list?

I' ve purchased many of my baby items in the Christmas trade and many places (especially on-line stores) make great offers, so there is no need to go mad and waste your money. If you are looking for and want to know what could be of use to you and what is totally pointless, have a look at my list below.

Commode: Baby: Buying my baby gown as a combination offer together with a crib from moms and dads. While I was planning to buy another drawer unit for the baby's clothing and toilet articles, I chose to buy a chest of drawers with the top on top to wrap the baby.

A lot of folks just buy a diaper changer and put their baby on the bed/table/floor. The baby furniture is conceived in such a way that you can exchange your bunch of pleasure without having to stoop down - I keep all the essentials in the top tray (diapers, creams, towels, etc.) so that I just have to grab it with my free wrist while I hold the baby with the other one.

CAUTION: DO NOT LET THE BABY LIE UNATTENDED ON THE CABIN. On the chest of drawers I have a diaper change, a hand cloth and in addition I have a dryer. If I open bub's diaper, he often pisses everywhere, so that the piss is caught by the impermeable piece of wallpaper and means that the diaper change does not get soaked.

Electrical breastpump: Don't let the nurse tell you that if someone other than you is feeding your baby, you won't tie it correctly - it's a whole and perfect cod. There were three ways this helped: firstly - my spouse and other members of the household could help feeding the baby; secondly - I didn't have the effort later to get the baby to drink from a flask as it got used to it early; thirdly - I knew exactly how much baby I had.

The Red Castle Cocoonababy: The Red Castle Coccoonababy is a new kind of baby pad that allows your baby to take a semi-fetal, weighing position that appears to mimic the uterus and help alleviate Colics, Flat-Head Disorder and cutaneous conditions. Reisebett / Chicco Next 2 Me: As you can see in the picture above, we have bought the Graco Petite Bassinet Travelling Cot, in which we also put the baby cocoon.

If I hadn't gotten the bed, I probably would have gotten it because the side goes down, which means you can put your arms around your baby and pull it to you. Bjorn Baby Carrier: The Baby Bjorn Carrier range is great - just buckle up the boy and off you go.

So I didn't feel well with the concept of carrying one of those lifting straps that you wind around you in an artistic way, so I bought the Babybjorn Wonder Carrier because it had an additional backrest. They can adapt the posture to the size/age of your baby and they can also look forward as their necks get firmer.

It' a lovely way for boy to observe you do other things. Dolphin/dolphin clips: Some moms are totally against the use of rubber toys, and I don't like it when older kids are pushed into their mouths with a big doll made of plastics, but I believe that anything that calms a baby can only be a good thing.

Well, I was very fortunate that Pip is a very cold, relaxed baby (so far), but I also traced it back to the doummy. He wouldn't cry as a neonate, but he would chew his lips and I resolved to try the rubber to see if he liked it - he was booming a few seconds later in a quick snooze.

I' ve also bought some practical Amazon dolly snaps that you can attach to your baby so it doesn't keep falling the dolly on the ground. Babybad: There are so many baby toilets on the open air that it can be very hard to select one. I went with a simple one of moms and dads - I wasn't excited about those who had a baby chair fitted because I wanted boy to be able to move his feet and hands when he wanted.

I' ve also purchased a shipment of Green People bio baby food. The only disadvantage is that you have to decalcify the bike from time to time, but I just purchased some decalcification bags from Amazon and installed them from time to time. Boyfriend / Doorman: A boyfriend of mine purchased a very funny looking ball swing that her baby likes.

Just a simple stool that didn't interest boy very much, I just got him to sit in it for a while before he tried to rest himself. I' d suggest purchasing one that leans back so your baby can really sleep in it when they snooze off. Let's face it, most babies just lie, feed or lie down, so a baby pad with a lot of glossy hanging down bits is a funny and simple way to bring them in colors and toy.

Early on I spent a lot of belly time with Pip and he really loved it. I have a lot of diapers with little caps in my baby chest that I didn't even use. Unless your baby is not well or needs to be monitored, you will only get more worried by hearing his heartbeat.

There are of course many more useful things for your baby and just as many, if not more, worthless things to buy if you wish. This list is not complete, although I have been busy composing it myself. Anyone else wanting to contribute their thoughts, please do so, and if you just happen to have found one of my useful objects useful, then great.

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