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A baby ten days old is dying after having run through the whole spinning process in the washer.

After being taken to a washer, a ten-day-old baby was killed by an electric spinning wheel. Lyndsey Fiddler, the newborn's mom, put her little baby in the washer with a bunch of clothes. She was unconscious when a family member who was calling to see Fiddler found her and the baby, named Maggie May, was not there.

When she opened the doors, she found Maggie's wrinkled corpse, which merged with the clothing. A hectic call to the contingency planner hears the 26-year-old Fiddler say: "My baby is gone. On Thursday they had been summoned to their apartment where they found the deceased baby still in the washer.

They suspect that she is dependent on crystalline meth and is taking the medication the next day her child dies. Mama was sleeping and had difficulty awakening her and hearing the shim go off equilibrium, jingling, so she went to raise the cover so it stopped and saw the baby in the laundry machine," Holland said.

Benjamin Trammel, the baby's mother's mother, said he could not believe that his friend had intentionally murdered her child. Medics had tried in desperation to resuscitate the baby after it had been removed from the washer, but she was already deceased on arriving at the infirmary. The paramedic John Houser, who was working on the baby, said, "Terrible.

He has a long track record of bodily harm charges, drivers without a driver's license and without their two older kids in automobile seat. Let me reassure you that we will not abandon one brick after another," Holland said.

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