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forcing Katie Price to make a baby that she sold on eBay wax However, Katie Price was compelled to take out a baby-grow that she had put on the platform after the supporters had marked the object as "dirty". Former glamour 39 girl uploaded the picture of her "beloved" black baby suit to Instagram on Saturday, but the crowd struck back at the celebrity as they tried to resell the apparently nasty garment.

Catie divided a photo of the long-sleeved baby clothes next to a fuzzy baby cube, which she also offered for purchase. It' s not the first for Katie to be blamed for not maintaining the house clean as she got a flood of critical accusations after placing her Sussex villa on Through The Keyhole in February.

ITV show hosts Keith Lemon had subjected Katie's home to devastating criticism, and spectators were not impressed by her not too modest apartment. As the front of the Grandezza cried out, it was a different tale as they walked into the building where they were welcomed by droppings in the driveway and heaps of mess.

Subway News

Household retail chain Aldi is starting a big baby show this weekend. Reduced prices for baby and infant products, which include baby protective gear, toilet articles and groceries. Sponsors and guardians who want to get a good deal will be able to buy a baby or infant for a price of ?59.

Mass sales will begin on-line on 12 August and four working day later on 16 August. Products that will experience significant reductions are the Ambiano Baby Food Nutrient Mixer, half the cost at 29.99, the Baby Cuddle Nest, which will be 60% less expensive at only 19.99, and a Moses Classical Hamper with Stands for 29.99.

The prices for children's clothing, baby pants and chiffon scarves are being crushed by Aldi - good news especially for those who know that their little one is susceptible to disorder. Security related items such as steps and high chairs are also on offer, and for those who wish to furnish a new baby room, there is a range of must-have items to chose from, among them Sommer good deals on a baby changer, closet and commode.

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