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Buy online or in store for some of the UK's most popular products. Discover our tasty range of lunch and evening bags, organic and low-salt. Cheap offers in the baby room. The Great Value range offers personalized baby gifts that are unique and beautiful. Cheap offers in the baby room.

1. Find out what you're supposed to be selling.

Now you can launch an online store with a really small price tag. So let's say I'd like to sell T-shirts. Plain t-shirt shops are quite dull and I don't think that I can rival the big shops out there anyway, so I have to find a certain kind of t-shirt.

By typing "t shirt", the Google Adwords Keyword ToolI can see what different kinds of t-shirts are being searched for. That gives me alcoves like "retro T-shirt," "designer T-shirt," "Star War' T-shirt." There'?s no point in opening a shop if you don't want to make no profit.

Here I would look at how much the T-shirts would charge me, how much I could buy them, what my spending would be and how many T-shirts I would have to buy to earn the desired revenue. When it seemed as if I couldn't earn the revenue I want from the sale of my own brand of shirt, I would either a) look at the sale differently (if the margins on buying wholesalers are too small, could I make it myself?) or b) return to pace 1 and make a fresh beginning.

It is your goal to conduct research as well as promote your shop before you even open it. Discover where your online audiences hang. While Facebook and Twitter are great places to get started, your audiences can be most engaged on another site such as Tumblr, Google+, Pinterest or a trade group.

So if you already have an existing trading space on this site in your own name, it's okay to begin. Whatever I choose for my Gothic T-shirt shop, I want to get into the head of the Gothic T-shirt wearers' communities - where do they buy attire? I would also ask what they think of my ideas for a new online shop and what they would like to see in it.

Here there are a number of different choices, among them recruiting a web designer or creating a WordPress website with an e-commerce plug-in, but I suggest taking a look at the Website Builders First. Because it is easy and cost-effective to build your own online shop with Creating. I had an created my own created creating site with a website, a basket and a blogsite.

When I have done my math and research well and I am pretty sure that I will make some good bucks with my Gothic T-shirt Venture, I would find the bucks to hire a graphics artist who will make a logotype for me. This might seem pricey, but if you find a free-lance creator working from home, you can get a logotype for between £50 and £100.

But we all know a garbage badge when we see one and click in a nano second away from nasty sites. However, if you dive a toes into the sea, you might want to try making yourself first and then paying for a graphics artist a little later.

But, if you have doubt about recruiting a brand image artist, it might be an indication that you need to do more research. I' d make my shop like this with Create: Build the homepage and overview page to ensure that the text is clear and comprehensible, has a certain character (not "we are a small gothic t-shirt firm located in the southeast...") and contains a fistful of key words (step 1) that are naturally interspersed.

In my shop I would show the articles with the best possible pictures and clear description. Now, get on with the commercials! I would keep my Twitter and my facebook follower up to date on my advances and give them a discount if they buy on time. I' d begin blogging about my new store before I started it so the searching machines can begin to include the latest contents on my website (again, using my catchwords in a normal way).

I would also begin to participate in web sites where my targeted group hangs - preferably with my webadress in my petition (but read the board policy to be sure). I' d advertise my website a little every single night - blog ging, participating in fora, update Twitter and Facebook, possibly LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Besides, it's nothing in comparison to the work and cash you need for an investment in a brick and tile and grout business, so it's a great occasion.

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