Baby suit


Overall for infants and young children Grubby consists of a light, breathing material that is both tough and long-lasting. Grubby is specially developed to be worn over your child's garments and to keep the little one out of the reach of dirt. Grubby is ideal for damp and muddy areas, even when it's raining, and provides extra coverage for the underlying garments without compromising convenience or portability.

Children can creep, run, rock, dive and just be children without having to worry about getting filthy or soaked. Grubby is washed in the washing mashine and can be used again and again! Developed for small runs, walking and crawling, the Grubby has many varied and convenient uses for outside and indoors.

Grubby Overall-Jumpsuit is ideal for park, playground, beach, backyard - wherever the ground is damp, slimy or even a little bit filthy. The Grubby is great for playing indoors when your kid is perfoming his paintings or other handicraft skills, and it's a great baby bib for these chaotic dining outings.

Grubby is easy to wipe with a damp wipe or tissue, rinses in a washbasin and is mechanically washed. The Grubby Overall keeps your child's garments fresh and cool in any kind of rain or sun! Grubby is by far the most beautiful item of outerwear you will see in the garden or playing field.

Grubby is available in different colours and different heights. It' been developed to look neat, slim and comfy all in one. Grubby opens and closes from behind so your baby can slide in and out without taking off his or her boots! Grubby bags are also fashionable and fit neatly into a changing case, pram or handbag.

To put it simple, the Grubby is not only handy and sweet, it is also trendy!

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