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Which one should carry to the baptism

This coming Monday, 11-week-old Prince Louis will be baptized at the Chapel Royal at St. James Palace, flanked by members of the Royal Family and dear friend. Probably the next excursion the Duchess of Cambridge will be taking part in, the meeting will be the last one on her agenda as she organises the celebrations and clothing will be the last thing on her agenda.

When Prince George and Princess Charlotte were christened, the Duchess chose a slim, sallow suit, and although it might not have been the most reasonable choice, it had some underlying reasoning. Whilst we are spending months scrupulously designing the wardrobe for the marriage period (when five of our five buddies choose to marry in rapid succession), baptisms are a formality that is often overlooked.

So whatever your part in the baptisms and christening ceremony in your journal is, here's how you can get dressed for the event. Even if we are committed to minimum cutting, don't make a big error, because by suit we don't mean a dusty double-piece. Try to abstain from patterns that date and choose classical creme, light gray or rose dressmaking.

Ensure the style is right for you; it only lasts 10 seconds to change a suit to your chemical cleanup, saving you a life long look back at the pictures and the regret that the box-shaped coat fits. At the baptism of Iris, daugther of the Marquise of Cholmondeley, patron Kate Moss was dressed in a moody Alexander McQueen maximum attire.

None of the other visitors took off so much hide, which is noteworthy as the meeting is likely to take place in a local parish. Moss got away as a super model with her maximum (it was McQueen after all), but your boyfriend may not take it too lightly to step into the background.

Instead, select a short-sleeved, calf-length gown that matches your outline. Adhere to the delicate side of the design range to prevent conflict with everyone in the familiy, or go for stylish embroideries and laces such as Harley Viera Newton (below). Continue the example of your mom and stay with our classic dressmaking. If you wear a well-cut jacket over a fitting gown, it may seem a little old-fashioned, but if done well (see Cate Blanchett nailing it down), it looks fantastic.

Instead of using fascinating features, avoiding old look caps or pins that are much too informal; instead indulge in a nice set of drip rings that take the limelight when you sweep your face off your head. Choosing a bloc sole is a good choice for any season, especially if you're going to an outdoor party afterwards, and adds a little bit of style to an outfit that could otherwise be worn by teenagers.

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