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baby carriages For more than three centuries, Baby & Co has specialised in baby carriages, strollers and baby accessories. Our headquarters are in Keynsham, Bristol, where our committed baby fanatic staff offers a standard of care and commitment not found anywhere else. We have one of the best baby branding available, among them exclusives like iCandy, Silver Cross, Joolz & UppaBaby.

Thanks to these marques, we are able to provide our clients with unbelievable prams, double prams and much more. Have a look at our Bugaboo Stroller, Britax Stroller Seat and Maclaren Stroller selections and there is also a huge choice of extended rear-facing stroller seating. Please come and see our shop to talk about your needs.

More than 20 different pushchairs are on show in our workshop and several hundred other pushchairs are for purchase on-line, making our assortment one of the most extensive in the Southwest. A number of stroller makes are always in the workshop, among them our large exhibition of Bugaboo pushchairs with donkeys, buffaloes, camels and bees.

There are also very fashionable strollers, among them the CYBEX Priam . The UppaBaby Vista is one of our most beloved strollers and travelling equipment and is always available to see and demo, as well as its little Cruz sibling. Our favorites at Baby & Co also are the Silver Cross Wayfarer, The BabyStyle Oyster 2 and Oyster Max, which we would like to show you.

As well as our 4-wheel strollers, we also have an extended assortment of 3-wheel strollers from Baby Jogger, Jane, BOB and more. We' ve also exhibited over 20 different strollers and Buggys from all the major makes, Maclaren with its class-leading Techno XT and Maclaren Quest, and the super-light UppaBaby G-Luxe.

The Britax B-Agile or the Baby Jogger City Mini are recommended as an alternate to the classical folding baby model. Both have a smart one-hand quick-folding system that makes it easier to collapse when driving. Baby & Co are automotive seating professionals with over 30 years of automotive seating security expertise.

Being a Britax Excellence Centre, our employees have been educated by all our auto seating makes, as well as the new i-Size standards, to make sure you get competent guidance. Continuously conducting internal auto seating trainings to make sure that all our sellers have the latest auto seating security information, we are optimistic and well versed in the assembly and demonstration of all the auto seating we offer.

Since 2008, when we first had an elongated back passenger vehicle saddle named Brio Zento in stock, we have been a specialized manufacturer of elongated back passenger vehicle saddles. Over the years, the advantages of the elongated back fairing have become wider and wider and the variety of available passenger vehicle saddles has grown. In the last 6 years we have gathered a lot of expertise with lengthened back passenger cars and now have one of the largest selections of ERF in the Southwest region with the Multi-Tech 2, Max-Way, Max-Fix and Dual-Fix back passenger cars from Britax, as well as the full line of BeSafe back passenger cars with Izi Combi, Izi Kid and the new Izi Plus & Kid i-Size and the amazing Cybex Sirona and Axkid Minikid.

With a choice of over a dozen backseat cars, we can be sure to find a seating that suits your particular type of vehicles. It was a pleasure for us to introduce a new and better norm for children's automobile seating. i-Size ( R129 ) brings many enhancements to the existing norm 44/04, incorporating the 15-month obligatory back paneling and the implementation of side collision tests.

At the moment we have three cars with this new quality level, the Maxi-Cosi 2-way, the Joie i-Anchor and the BeSafe Kid i-Size. Gladly we speak with you about the new standards and show you the advantages of these new automobile seat. There is a broad selection of baby furniture from major manufacturers such as Cosatto, Chicco, Joie and more.

We offer baby furniture including high chairs, baby walking aids and cribs.

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