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Children's 'Baby Catalina' flower dress from Monsoon. Thick cardboard sides have recesses and depressions that little fingers like to explore when looking for items on the shopping list. Babies Very First Playbook: Shop Words Bakery shop windows are full of delicious delicacies such as cakes, cups, and men's cakes. Every colorful page in this beautiful online guide is packed with new words and funny puzzles to help young people find out more about different businesses and what's in them. This is a great way to help kids develop new language.

Fiona graduated from Exeter University with a teaching qualification, then worked as an author and publisher researching brochures for a publisher of brochures for cinemas and museum, and then as a lecturer in Kent and the Netherlands. In 1989 she came to Usborne Publishin as a deputy journalist and is now editor-in-chief.

And now that she's an adult, she's very lucky to be getting paid to scribble, sketch and do things. She has worked on over 80 books since she joined Usborne in 2004 as a design and illustration artist, from 365 things to design and make, stickers to dolly dressings, babies of the very first line and many things to find and paint.

Stela live in North London and when she's not painting nice paintings, she likes making stocking apes, taking potters courses and having a cup of coffee. Ideal for mums and dads to divide them with younger kids (3 and under) and get them excited about reading from an early age. Ideal for families with young people.

Infants and young children can discover a vegetable shop, see tasty delicacies in a bread shop windows, go to a toyshop and much more.

Infants and young kids can discover a vegetable shop, see tasty delicacies in a bread shop windows, go to a toyshop and much more. They wrote all the tracks of the award-winning show "That's not my..." and many in the very popular Sticker Dolly Dressing show. It is the UK reigning sixth-largest children's book writer, with over 10 million copies of her works having been marketed in the UK since recordings began.

Baby's Very First Books range was named the Best Preschool Publishing Range at the first Progressive Preschool Awards.

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