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Stuff to do with baby boys in New York City. When you' re with a baby in the non-traditional, child-friendly Northern Quarter, the teacup on Thomas Street is a roomy café with lots of room for pushchairs at the dinner tables, high chairs and a baby changer in the bath. The Manchester Craft & Design Centre around NQ provides a little break from the hubbub of the town ( and the valuable baby wrap).

Although it is a super -shopping center (and can therefore be a bit soulless), it also has mega-modern equipment for parents: seperate baby change and dining rooms for babies, stables for babies and children in the women's rooms as well as parental and children's WC. Conceived for all age groups, the Football Museum's Discovery Zone and Baby Moves meetings are specifically targeted at children under the age of 5.

We have a baby carriage free entrance and change rooms in the cottage. It' s definitely a good idea to look around all the Manchester musea, but together with the National Football Museum, MSI is particularly family-friendly. Each month there are activities meetings, softplay and rest area. With Home to Art Baby, Music Baby and Welly Walks, it's certain that the Whitworth have a family-friendly home on their sleeves.

Whitworth is a particularly tranquil getaway from the town, but most Manchester arts venues are great for driving the stroller. While Castlefield is good for open spaces and some greenery, there are no crowds of parks in the downtown area, while All Saint's park (part of the MMU campsite and right on Oxford Road) is a welcome place to hide from the nearest bus thunder; a place to breathe when needed.

It used to be the South Manchester parties center, but today it is home to delicious dads and Mummy, with the most baby filled night clubs on the weekend.

It was Kylie Jenner shopping for babies like mad.

Kylie jenner's account statement definitely doesn't. She' s very upset about the baby, however," said a resource for the amusement magazine.

Kylie preferred to remain at home. Speaking to the Sunday paper, a nearby Jenner spring said, "This will be the best clothed child you've ever seen. She has also been shopping the old-fashioned way and has visited shops in the San Fernando Valley. TMZ resources say there is still no mention of when the Kardashian/Jenner family is going to have a baby party for their youngest brother and sister.

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