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Hello everyone after a little help! A baby is due in April, so as a gift I will make an A-Z box with another baby related item for everyone. "'How to massage your baby." The baby's always building muscles, and that makes her sore, just like us. It seems we have a lot of people offering us their used baby things in a very friendly way.

Ten free things you can do with your baby!

Throughout the UK, many library services offer really funny, free "courses" for mothers and fathers with their infants - like children's rhymes or story telling. Simply contact your nearest contact person and find out what's going on. Simply walk through your own personal parking area while you take your baby out in your stroller.

And if you can take a deep breath, show her things while you run. Simply to sit in the garden and let your baby sense weed, watching people's hounds and other childrens playing is enough to entertain them. The Woodland Trust also has around 150 free extracurricular events that you can do with your child throughout the UK.

6oz (150g) simple whiteflour; 1/2 pt (300ml) hot tap with a few drops grocery colouring; 3oz (75g)alt; 1 tablespoon plant olive oil; 2 tablespoons tartrate whipped cream. 1 tablespoon tartaric acid. Mix it a little to make sure it's slippery (too rigid? Put in a little more bread crumb or powder with a little powder if it's too sticky).

Rent a few foreign-language CD's from your own personal libraries - put them on and practise them with your little one. Hire up to about 10 other mothers and their infants (post signs in your stores or on the Gumtree if you want to see new people). Can' afford babyoga courses?

To start off with just under 8, visit Amazon and get this great DVD that your baby will definitely love: Yoga for you and your baby.

Twenty-four things you should know before you have a baby and start a babylady.

But nothing can ever get you ready for the realities of what it means to have a baby to take care of. There are 24 things you should know before you raise a wife. Don't you think a parent is more fatigued than anyone else? An unfamiliar lady phoned her nurse for help because my baby had a hiccup.

They think diapers are costly, just hold off until they have three nightclubs and a big anniversary every week-end. Don't buy too much. Infants need a surprising amount to live, and you don't really know what you need until he or she arrives. You' ll get lots of presents, too.

You' ll get used to baby shit, but when you change diapers, it's your turn to think about your potshots. Use what other folks say with a dash ofalt. Don't get yourself messed up over it. It'?s gonna be okay with your baby, and it's gonna be okay with you. There are many uses for baby cloths - involving removing dirt from your own clothing and your son's bottom - and washing your baby's bottom.

Make sure that your baby makes a pee before you leave, otherwise he or she must leave within five mins. Normally, it's just that, a stage. You know, some things, like brushing under the high chair, are hard. Don't think once the horrible deuces are over, it's clear sail. It'?s not okay to open the bottle of vine before they get to sleep.

Her kid's gonna get a lot of accidental diseases, some of which seem like they're from viktorian times. You' re gonna need backup. I hope you have a powerful connection with your mate.

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