Baby Tick List

Baby-ticket list

What baby animals can you see at Marwell Wildlife? That list has been compiled by Margaret Agostinho & Sarah Kellett, Leeds Speech and Language Therapists. Download your copy for printing and tick it on the way.

Checklist for your baby - windows to the uterus

Averaging 8-10 diaper changes a day in the first few weeks you will be spending a great deal of your baby in the diaper change unit - so it's a good way to get everything you need done in good shape. Diaper Changer - Running shit + wriggling baby = chaotic work!

Purchase the largest diaper changer you can find! They can buy custom developed top and bottom trays that are subdivided into two or three segments, but any neat synthetic tray works just as well. Diapers - There are two major kinds of diapers: returnable diapers and disposable items that you discard after your baby has used them.

Mussel wipes - As a new mother, you'll quickly find that mussel wipes are useful for everything from guarding your shoulders from baby diseases to making up mats. Similarly, placing one over the front of your baby while cleaning his butt will help prevent the old pee-pee pee stunt!

Creme - These wrinkles and lines can become a little bit raw, and diaper rash may appear despite your best intentions, so it is useful to have a bucket of Sudocrem or other diaper rash creme at hand. However, don't usually put it on, keep your baby's buttocks neat and tidy and let him spend some wrapping in.

Cleaner Pajamas - However good your diaper abilities and fast you can get changed, there will always be the explosives that leak. So you got a bunch of neat pyjamas ready to switch. Ease of Access to Safekeeping - If you don't have a baby changer, it's a good idea for you to put some space in your entire baby changer so you have everything you need at your fingertips.

It won't take long, however, for your baby to be able to squirm - even if it has sides - so it won't run away to get a pair of neat pyjamas while lying on the dock. As an alternative, you can choose a diaper changer on the ground. Disinfectant for your hand - A useful method to wash your hand after a diaper replacement, especially when you are out and about and no sink is available.

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