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Gifts and toys for your newborn baby. Baby products to play with. No matter if it is a play mat or if the baby is about to take the first steps, we have great toys with big brands. Take a look at the rest of our accessories line to get more products for children! Store - Baby &

Child; Baby & Baby & Toddler Toys.


The six different types of metal can permanently harm a child's neural and immunity system. Greenpeace and IPEN scientists fighting chemicals purchased 500 games and children's products in five major China towns in November, among them Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. and found 163 (32.6 percent) of the toy spoiled.

The majority of the toy products are only available in China, but some of them are branded and sell abroad. "Over the last ten years, Chinese manufactured toy products, which make two-thirds of the world's toy production, have proven time and again to be poisonous, although regulatory authorities have tried to tackle this problem.

She stated at the outset that her Chinese plant had transferred manufacturing to another company, which then used an unauthorized kind of color. "to be free of heavymetal.

Wood D letter baby toy, 6 cm length_0044D

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