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Here you will find a large selection of baby toys, suitable for babies and toddlers. Buy baby toys online at The Works. Designed to support every stage of your baby's development, our baby toys are designed to help you get the most out of your baby. Buy the assortment online today.

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Here at Aldi there is a whole universe of play and enjoyment with our fantastic range of toys, riddles, textbooks and more. Be it as a gift for a particular event or as a small pleasure, we have many thrilling toys for children of all age groups. So take a look at our ingenious range - you' ll find countless moments of pleasure!

innumerable toys and handicrafts

Games produced in a socially and ecologically friendly way. Steiner Waldorf has the widest selection of Steiner Waldorf inspiring wood toys in the UK, almost exclusively handmade in Europe. Myriad has specialized in Steiner Waldorf toys since 1998. Our assortment includes high-quality wood toys (Ostheimer Holztiere, Grimms Regenbogen Stapelspielzeug und Juzzles, Gluckskafer Spielk├╝chen und Holztiger Holztiere), nature arts and crafts material (Lyra pens, Stockmar pens, Filana pens and Stockmar paints), nature handicraft material and sets (Bio-Strickwolle, Waldorfpuppenbedarf, Bio-Wollkunstsets, 100% Wollfilz) as well as handmade tires and handmade Pentatonische music instrument.

At Myriad, the soundness, intent and expressiveness of each and every product is truly important, and we choose our product based on the following criteria: Decisive for children's well-being, playful creativity and imagination is the most efficient way of early education that supports optimum development at all levels: emotionally, intellectually, socially, physically and spiritually.

Kreatives, open toy adapts itself to the freely floating natures of the fantasy game. Naturally occurring fabrics have tactile qualities: the silk has its own distinctive, delicate, flowing structure, the wools radiate heat and are aerated. All our toys made of wood and plush are manufactured with finest craftsmanship and designed for longevity. At Myriad, the importance of every product's inherent beauty, consistency, integrity, function and expressiveness is very important to us.

The majority of our product line is produced in workshop facilities in Europe, the UK and North America, with the sole exceptions of our products sold at our own facilities in the UK. The toys are made by experienced craftsmen who pay a decent salary for their abilities and work in a tidy and secure environment. Many of our supplier's work is based on the education of Rudolf Steiner, who places kids and their personal growth at the heart of his work - especially the wood Ostheim figurines and kits.

Naturally occurring fabrics are durable, good for the enviroment and the best option for kids! Inside and outside our stuffed animals are naturally. Most of them work with organizations that research children's games. Myriad Toys & Crafts specializes in high-quality toys, arts and crafts made with respect for nature and the planet.

There is a particularly broad assortment of wood toys.

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