Baby Vests


Outfits for babies and newborns, including party dresses, pyjamas, vests and outdoor clothing. Babysuits | Baby rompers & baby tails Simple to use snap fasteners make diaper diapers child's plays, but make it even simpler for you with a baby diaper change in your bedroom. Just put everything you need in a diaper-pack and you are ready for anything. Following a long gameplay today, it's finally getting the baby into pyjamas, wrapping him in a baby sleeping bag and calming him down for the rest of the evening.

Personalized Baby Growth & Clothing

The Spreadshirt UK offers you a great opportunity to design your own personalized baby lingerie for events where you need a baby's clothing of a different kind. We offer a wide range of baby equipment from body to baby waistcoat. Baby clothing can be personalized with adorable styles and text to make your message wink.

Build your own baby grow now to commemorate the particular cause of childbirth, new living and increasing enthusiasm. Especially on events such as christenings, a tailor-made body will make a big contribution to drawing your baby's eye to the baby.

Infant baby pack with 3 pieces long

Knowing that body suits are indispensable in the baby coat and that you can never have too many, we offer these body suits in 3 packs: Easily put on: opens at the front with snaps. A crossover screen and push buttons between the legs: handy for diaper use! Pushbuttons that facilitate change and are durable for repetitive use.

In order not to irritate or tickle the baby's delicate flesh, a print will replace the embroidered back side sticker.

Personalized baby clothes, personalized baby waxes, bibs and vests

If you have a baby, it is a very different period and they are the most important thing, so it only makes perfect sense that they have specific clothing to dress in. With our personalized baby clothing assortment, you can purchase products such as personalized baby lingerie and baby vests that can be personalized with your name and message.

There are a wide range of baby girl and baby boy styles available and they will not only look good but also be handy so you can easy washed them.

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