Baby Vests and Baby Grows

Baby-waistcoats and baby waxes

Hello, this is my first time as a mother and I don't know anything about babies. Need help !- Emma's Diary Baby Forum I have tried to look it up and some places say that baby cocks and pyjamas are the same, others say that baby cocks and vests are the same, and I have no clue about deposits! Shall I just disregard the word baby-grow and stay with vests and pyjamas? Could I simply use a waistcoat and pyjamas as my regular daywear?

Do I have to take my LO home with me from home from work ( front with blanket/hat/babies due in November), or do I have to take some current clothing with me (shirt/trousers...) as there is no way to tell what kind of clothing is the best? I thought I had it all in my mind until now!

Baby-growing are basically the same as waistcoat, they have shortsleeves and only gap for the leg, pyjamas is an onie, which I think where it is exactly like baby-grow, but with sleeves and leg ...........I think that's right, I just bought the material of which I knew I need it. If I had to put a waistcoat under everything, I didn't get it.

I then bought many babygrow and babyfits, now in a panicing over sleeping bags and covers. I' ve now settled down and noticed that the growth of babies is simple and is storing up! However, either way the pyjama has long sleeves and long leg, even without foot, a waistcoat has no leg and is usually armless or shortsleeve.

I think a romper is like pajamas, but without his toes. Day clothes are okay to have a waistcoat with pajamas on top, that's what we did with my boy and he was a baby at the end of November. He wore his normal waistcoat and pyjamas for the trip home, then a snow suit over them.

We have kept uniforms for particular occasions/visitors, especially when he was small, you walk through so many dresses when they are small, especially when they suck a heap!

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