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Baby-walking equipment

Purchase waterproof jackets, fleeces, hiking boots and tents. Hiking in winter or summer - children's water density for every occasion. The Alejandro Baby Boys Full Zip Fleece Jacket.

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We make it simple for you to find everything you need to find protection in the great great outdoors - from the necessary boots and the right clothes to weather-proof coats. In addition to fixed hiking boots, we have fleece, leg wear and headgear to keep you cool during the cold weathers.

Take a look at our hiking equipment now and get fit for your next adventures.

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Select from a range of weatherproof coats, fleece, hiking pants and hiking shoes. Whether you are a hiker, walker, campervan, horticulturist, picnicker, daddy at your feet or city walker, beach goer or puddle-loving kid, we have clothing, shoes and accessoires for every kind of activity - and everyone else we have been helping to begin their own adventures.

Outdoors clothing and walking gear

In case of sunshine or rainy weather we have the best walking gear for you! If you are a tough mountaineer or a quick excursion into the countryside, we know that you need walking clothes and walking gear. Want a stylish lilac waistcoat or something flowery? Why not a little camp coat or a hi-vis walking coat?

Buy all your friend's and family's walking clothes and equipment, get some great deals now! What do I do to burst in and take good care of my walking shoes?

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Our walking store has everything at hand, from walking shoes, tenting, hiking gear, camp gear, rainproof coats and much more. When you are looking for walking gear, we not only provide high class walking apparel and gear from the best manufacturers, but we also have experienced in-house professionals who produce our consulting video and blog.

Looking for tips on camp or tenting? There is a store in Faversham in Kent where we have everything on our website so you can just come by and try before you buy. Or you can call our dedicated account management staff 7 days a week or send an e-mail to get tips or simply place an order.

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