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Baby Gallery - Home page The Maxi-Cosi range has been expanded. Watch our Laika demo below and visit us for your personal demo. Last 2 Months - Package ends 31 July. Looks like you might have trouble watching this movie.

from the Melbourne plant to China, which was stopped by the Chinese state.

60 tons of baby food and dairy products on their way to China were halted by Chinese civil servants. In November, as part of an on-going enquiry, the Department of Agriculture confiscated a large consignment from Melbourne, the Herald Sun reported. Favorite makes such as Aptamil and Platinum 2 were shipped from stock in trunks.

Woolworth's super market triumvirate was charged with race discriminatory last weekend after buyers discovered labels in Mandarin and Englisch that had different thresholds for baby formulas. A minimum of four clients found a mismatch in the number of baby cans that Mandarin and Englishspeaking can buy. Due to delivery problems, infant formulae are sold in four unit volumes per customer.

We' re working really hard to get back to full capacity as soon as possible," says the English version of the ticket that was discovered all over Australia this past week.

Startpage - Wool Bearings - Buy yarn, wool, needles and other knitting material online!

The DROPS is a phenomenon palette of Scandinavian synthetic fibres. Have a look at it by click on the DROPS label above! The Special DK Series from Stylecraft is available in over 80 colours and is our most beloved thread from the leading manufacturer of low cost, high value threads. Smoother than many other acrylics, this series is loved by both the knitter and chopper and it won't be long before you see why!

Stylecraft Special series is also available in 4-ply, Aran and Chunky grades, making it suitable for all types of projects. The Stylecraft Life series is also available in these densities for those who favour a wooly acrylics mix. Click on the Stylecraft icon above to see the full Stylecraft assortment, Cabaret, Carnival, Eskimo included.

It is a design-oriented producer of threads with a great legacy whose origins date back to the 1880s. Indeed, every year of the year for the first time ever, every year Santa Claus publishes a hundred new knit designs, and Santa Claus makes up one of the biggest series of knit designs in the whole wide variety of the worlds. Just as stunning is the palette of shrirdar threads, and their snauggly thread is one of the most popular baby needle threads in the UK, known for its qualities, smoothness and ease of use.

View our wide assortment of radial threads by click on the above logos. The Rowan is an international leader in the manufacture of hand knit fabrics with an unmatched record for inspiring and original hand knit work. As well as an eclectic collection of Rowan novels, each year Rowan publishes two new editions of the critically-acclaimed Rowan Magazine with over 100 pages of inspiring knitwear designs, stories and inspiration.

The Rowan yarn has a classical, classy charm, with Rowan Kidsilk Haze, Rowan Pure Wool DK and Rowan Filted Tweed turning out to be eternal favorites. Ferryspates yarn presents the most exquisite palette of texts and nuances, from powerful, lively tones to discreet, mellow, metallic grey tones. The Sugar ' n' Cream Scents series is also available, ideal for giving a present that special something!

Have a look at it by click on the above logotype. Following a time as an in-house design artist for Rowan York and a popular knit book line (Miss Bea series), Louisa Harding was given the chance to design her own line of yarn and pattern, which has since gained momentum.

As an important part of the latest knitwear fashions, click on the above logos to take a look at our Louisa Harding line of threads, which include Amitola and Pittura. In the 135 years that they have been in business since their inception, their thread has become a benchmark and they are producing some of the most beloved American threads.

Vanna is the first Vanna Design line of royalty free royalty free royalty free royalty free royalty free royalty free royalty free royalty free royalty free royalty free yarn. Please click on the Lion Brand logos above to search our entire Lion Brand thread collection. With over 200 colours available in the 220 series alone, it's not difficult to understand why they're so well-loved.

Superwash, Sport and Finger versions are also available for the 220 Series, making it extremely flexible for all types of use. Sirdar Spinning Ltd - a dependable producer with over 130 years of manufacturing expertise. The Sublime was introduced in 2006 with the aim of offering a line of luxurious yarn for those who appreciate the qualities of nature fibers and want to create their own individual, inventive designs.

To see our outstanding assortment, click on the Sublime label above. Explore our full line of Patons threads by click on the above icon. Year Stories spun high value threads from high value fibre to produce Yorkshire style garments that are rich in heritage and traditions. Featuring such a beautiful mix of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary designs, it's no wonder Yacht Stories thread is rapidly gaining momentum!

Noro Yarns was established over 30 years ago by Eisaku Noro and is a renowned producer of yarns that focus on the influence of everyday living on yarns of high value. You believe in high value handcrafted products and so mechanical weaving is only used when the operation cannot be done by manual. Like all Three Bears Yarns, it is coloured in Lancashire's own dyeing plant, bundled in Yorkshire and even the ribbons are printed by the locally owned printer at the end of the street!

Three Bears yarns are available in a beautiful selection of colours and are perfect for apparel, baby knitwear and accessoires.

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