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Sydney baby food camp unveils China's possessions

An unremarkable warehouse on the back of an industry park has exposed the full scale of China's voracious craving for Australia's baby food. Tons of "white gold" - from the top brand Aptamil and B2 - were among several hundred palettes found on Tuesday at the Silverwater warehouse in western Sydney.

This is where tens of millions of cans are packed and sent to China for indirect shipment and local distribution, although local retailers impose restrictions on how many Australian consumers can buy off their shelf. The company behind the warehouse, Top Warehouse, said it did not "sell baby food directly overseas" and claimed it was "just a middleman" and did not ask clients where their produce ended up.

However, a former workers' of the plant said Mail Australia newspaper that giant consignments are sent "daily" to China. Watching their operations on Tuesday, Mail Australia saw tens of cars arriving at the camp to be laden with baby food. The shops then sells the produce to local tourist who take it home with them.

Essentially, we take the order from the customer and give them what we get from Aptamil," Mr. Chen said. Bearings similar to this one are said to be found all over Australia. Although it is lawful, the Praxis has disgusted Aussie families about their now restricted use of the once free available work.

China's interest is so great that Aptamil has boosted its formulation output by 50 percent in the last three month. Early this year, Woolworths heralded that it would send its private label to China to satisfy the nation's never-ending hunger. All we do is shop with the nearby stores (duty free) and have no problems with it.

We don't store vast quantities of material back to China, we don't. The Daily Mail Australia followed a top warehouse lorry full of Aptamil baby powders as it departed the park on Tuesday afternoons. Only a few moments later he drove up another camp road, where the lorry operator dumped the cartons into a camp.

In spite of a super market that imposes a restriction on how much can be purchased in Australia, there seem to be no regulations on how many cans of baby food can be ordered by domestic consumers.

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