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Baby-storage baby carriage

The deliveries are made from a professional warehouse in the town of Gliwice. Our all-terrain pram is sturdy and comfortable and is designed so you and your baby can explore together. Deluxe pram with car seat. As a leading DIY store, we offer exclusive prams and pushchairs that fit your lifestyle and your baby.

Dual Stroller All Terrain Dual Stroller

As the most complete and fully equipped off-road dual pushchair on the road, it has the same width as a stand-alone pushchair. Duett is the definitive driving experience for brothers and sisters or twin babies, from newborns to toddlers, and offers innovations like no other. Duett as a whole with the yoey Clip-on case is the ideal choice for children's parent looking for intelligent, memory-friendly innovations.

Using the option of familypack accessories, it can be integrated smoothly into a side-by-side stroller. The Duett is the same width as a simple stroller with a 63 cm width wheel base and doubles as a stroller to fit through doors as well. Trust in controllability and maneuverability; the Duettbuggy now includes a hand-operated braking system that provides added confident and superb performance when it comes to pressing the added load of two when running or walking downhill.

The plus? carrying bag is specially developed for your baby's convenience and is easy to switch from lying down to tilt down to provide a great viewing position for infants suffering from reflex. As an alternative, you can use our Duett auto seating adaptors to fit one or two top make auto seating systems to your stroller to carry your baby comfortably.

For more information about the Buggy Freeride click here. We happened to notice the duo when we lived in Italy, where most things are old, like small doorways, small grocery stores, small walkways, small lifts, so we were looking for a convenient, small and simple lift. Well, here it is !!

In the beginning the stroller was great and the width is great, but my twin is only 7 month old and we had to buy new tires and tubing for 3 of theikes. We' ve got the duo and we' re relying on it every day for our twin. We' ve had nothing but issues with this stroller. the only reason i gave it a badge is b/c it fits through a default doors sense and it's relativity-theme and they let you give it at least a headway. don't annoy purchasing material from this comany.

Well, I just felt very deceived about the way this stroller was marketed. Tyres are too small to transport anything other than cement, and we often get punctured tyres. This pram was purchased for our 3-month-old twin and we were extremely amazed by it. Offering seat adjustment, the overall soft power makes it simple to slide with one hand.

My duet was purchased a month ago, and within two week one of the front air-filled tyres has to be refilled every few working working nights. I' d already been reading about the horrible tyres on-line before, but was expecting this problem to be solved by using the latest version of the MB. It'?s a terrific pram, otherwise.

I just got the Duet Dove. So far it has been an excellent Upgrade from the baby yogger town Select Doubles. When you have twin babies, don't keep looking for a stroller. It is no accident that tyres and inner linings are not under guarantee.

Filling the tyres with the suggested 22 psi on a cool Canada wintry one. Then, a few month later, on a scorching sunny morning in the middle of the forest, the two tyres exploded in the middle of the snow. I had to shove the pram home 4 times with the two tyres down with two baby and no one to help me.

I' m sorry I didn't buy a baby carriage with fixed wheels. I wish I'd seen the review before I bought that stroller. Our goal was to get a stroller that would allow our infant to see where she was going while we were on the road. It' easily pushed and the large wheels make turning the wheel simple and straightforward.

Easily maneuverable up and down sidewalks, more than our individual Bugaboo. Well, we purchased the silvery case, which is beautiful, but the carrier bag is for some strange reasons differently shaded than the remainder of the scarf, which is a little confusing, but livable....

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