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Dressing up your baby under a pyjama bag Being a new mother you will only learn how to dress your baby and at what temperatures their little body needs to remain. Bedbags are intended for convenience and security, but a small one must be adequately clothed underneath to make sure they are not too hot or too cool. There are different shifts that have to be worn according to the TOG of the bag and the room time. We' ve created a range of different types of sleeping bags, from the Clever range, ideal for infants who like to go to bed, to the Mini Muri Pandas, ideal for a basic night's regimen, to the Forest range for the winters.

Our sleep sacks are all made from organically grown and naturally grown fabrics that help your baby keep a cool head and keep fit all day long. The TOG baby mattress has been developed for the summers and hotter seasons to make sure the little one is clothed and warm but not too warm.

When using the 0.5 TOG for your baby, it is recommended not to use it at below 20°c because your baby still feels cool and needs to be clothed in too many coats to make him sick. We recommend the use of a medium-weight sleepingbag if the room temperatur is lower.

When your baby's room temp is above 27°C (this will most likely be the case if you are living in a warm land or on very warm and damp summers and nights), we recommend that you do not use a sleeping pack as it is hazardous. All information is indicative and parent should decide at their own option which TOG is appropriate for their baby and how to dress their baby under the mattress to suit the room conditions.

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