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Unisex Newborn Boys Newborn Fashion Accessories Toys. Babies toys can absorb many germs! Use these tips for natural and bleaching cleaning of baby toys to protect your little ones.

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Safe cleaning of baby toys

The choice of the right way to wash baby toys often relies on the toys themselves. We show the differences between cleansing and disinfection, describe how to wash baby toys of course and how to wash baby toys with bleaching agents. This is a short instruction for the best way to keep different kinds of baby toys tidy.

Keep in mind that any electrical or battery-powered toys should be wiped according to the directions in the instruction guide. Provided that the maintenance sticker states that the toys can be laundered, textile toys can be laundered in a gentle wash programme in a washer and then either tumbled at low temperature or tumbled.

If you are not sure, it is a good idea to clean the toys with clean running tap and a soft cloth of liquid and leave them to drip in the open as usual. Always select a delicate wash and a conditioner such as Persil Non-Bio and Comfort Pure.

Little nylon toy: Toys and teething rings that are not battery-operated can usually be rinsed in the dish washer on the upper frame - they may even have a dishwasher-safe symbol. For manual cleaning, swab these small toys in hot tap with detergent. Wash the toys thoroughly in hot tap and allow to evaporate.

Big nylon toy: Large non-battery powered plastics toys must be manually cleaned with a damp cloth and hot tap washer. Wood toys: Disinfectants or baby cloths make most wood toys easy to wash. In order to disinfect the toys, sprinkle a gentle mixture of pure wine vinegar diluted with clear soda pop and wash off quickly and thoroughly to prevent excessive staining.

Bathing toys: Bathing toys can quickly develop moulds, so make sure that after every bathing break remaining moisture is pressed out. In order to achieve more thorough cleaning, immerse a solvent in thinned bleaching agent and wash with plenty of fresh running soda for 5 min, wash in cool running tap and allow to drip off thoroughly. Synthetic links can be washed with detergent, while smooth textile fabrics can be cleansed with a mild detergent, and dried in the open with a mild detergent.

Dolls' coats can quickly become tacky and entangled, but shampooing like man's coats (a small stain of baby cream with hot water) will work to revive the earlier curls. You should wash most baby toys daily. Gently remove fat or dirt using mild detergents such as detergent, antiseptic, soap or a commercially available disinfecting or baby cloth, and most bacteria will be eliminated during cleaning.

From time to time you can wash baby toys more thoroughly - especially if it has been sick, plays with your boyfriends or simply has a penchant for putting toys in your mouths. In order to disinfect your baby's toy, you need a disinfectant solvent - you can try to dilute bleaching agents such as Domestos Extended Germ Kill bleach in tap water.

Are you not sure whether washing baby toys with bleaching agents is safer? Bleaching agent is an efficient way to kill off bacteria and, when used correctly, is safer for you on various substrates or substrates - simply obey the directions on the labels (especially when using a dilute product) and test first on a small area.

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