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Lisa Furuland, née in Sweden, is the creator of Sleepyhead of Sweden, one of the most popular young maternal brands. In Furuland, Mini Vogue explains why she designed the pod, where she finds her inspirations and what's next for the infant label that is taking the educational market by storm. What does this mean? Sleepyhead was birthed at that time.

How would you advise a new mom? However, I very much believe in self-help for women, and I believe that it is so important for both women to get enough rest in the first few nights to be able to commit. How do you get your inspirations and your inspirations? It' s simple in Greece to be inspired by the things around me.

Where is the weirdest / most extraordinary place you saw when the sleeping cap was taken? Whittington Hospitals in London uses 10 of the Sleepyhead capsules to calm some of their ill and poor baby mothers. There are also several birth centres in Sweden that work with infants who operate or just rest after birth.

What was your most proud sleepyheading moment? We' ve been called the sleeping miracles. What comes next for Sleepyhead? We' ve just presented our latest invention, KloudTot, at the ABC Kids Expo and the CES Show in Las Vegas. You can use the CleoudTot to follow the baby's movements and respiration with two groundbreaking patent-pending functions.

An intelligent accessoire that also checks the baby's room temp and plays back blank traces of noises. We' re overjoyed to launch this later in 2017, as there are currently no other movement detectors with these unique features. Also, I like that you don't have to carry the device or strap it to the newborn.

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