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Lack of Kundenservice / terrible experience (original title), review updates after answer and campaign from Babyshop. In addition to this, when I approached their support e-mail, they came back with a stick answer saying they were 2 days late, and when I responded to that e-mail to clarify the severity of my request, I received the same stick answer.

Obviously nobody reads my e-mail (it's just a stick answer). In fact, I tried to call the support number, which means that we can't take your call. Most of my purchases are made on-line, and that was by far the poorest/most missing level of support I have ever experienced. Work 1: Hello Suzanne, thank you for your quick answer.

Merja gave me an answer that was more pertinent to my order state, and I mentioned that the track number was not created because the article did not leave the stock. Thank you again for your response and I will update my rating as soon as I get the number.

I' ll make sure I don't post a bad rating without an updated version and give the final feed back here. Thank you, it's comforting to get a straight personal answer (that's just about what I was begging for when I approached support). Work 2: I can verify that I have now got the Babyshop Trackingnumber.

I was reassured to see Suzanne's answer at Babyshop and how she turned around my fears about the quality of my services. Initially, I gave the business a 1-star score, and now, on the basis of Babyshop/Suzzane's answer to this problem, I update my score to 5-star.

Thanks for taking the trouble to make a little evaluation. However, if you would rather have your order cancelled, please do not hesistate to call our support team at as we will help you promptly. Forward the e-mail to me so I can come get it if you want!

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