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Design boutique for children's clothing opens in Harvey Nichols.

However, now the Nobelkauf has unveiled schemes to also provide a range of childrens clothes for them. New Cathedral Street's luxurious dealer houses the city's first Step2wo boutique, offering a wide range of design tags for infants and young men and women ages 0-14.

This boutique is currently taking form in part of the women's section on the first storey, which will be open to the general public at the beginning of February. Further childrens brands are Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Moncler, Kenzo, Armani, Paul Smith, Gaultier and Monnalisa. The Step2wo will start in February 2017 with Harvey Nichols Manchester.

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Watching your infant growing from neonate to infant is a great transition, and although this can be an amazing amount of times, it is important for a parent to appreciate this particular time: from your baby's first breathe to her firm grasp of the ball, the whole trip is an emotionally charged one....

In recent years, there has been a resurgence in Spain's babies' clothing. Throughout the UK, families have tried to find luxurious babies' clothing in Spain for their little ones.

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Accompany us and @kensingtonmums during this half time for an exhilarating experience in our Kensington Store. PurpleDragon will be providing amusement and excitement and author/illustrator, BobBiddulph will be studying his new Dinosaur Junior book, while PipOrganic and Bearnibbles will be providing cool drinks. Please include the links in our biography to get to our website and sign up for participation.

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The Parisian Les Enfantines brand, created by the Laure Gues aristocrat of the LANVIN range, is luxury, attractive and ageless. When you were a kid, do you still think of your favorite outfit? Búho's head stylist is Inés and her favorite piece of clothing was a chequered lumberjack-style chemise that her folks took with them from Canada.

Apparel with a casual look, plain but well-designed designs, a cosy and individual feel that allows kids to indulge in their apparel without compromising confort. "When you were young, do you still think of your favorite piece of dress? It' s a smooth and cosy feel that is the fruit of a lot of hard work to make sure that the Búho line of garments meets the high demands of the name.

It is a 0-14 year old child's line, characterized by the use of traditional cartographic features and the simplicity and comfort of line. The Opililai stile is characterized by the fact that it is produced in Italy; elegantly, fashionably, romantically, amusingly, far from excesses and triviality. Numae, a 0-4 year old kids wear and accessory company, was founded in 2004 by the Dutch hand maker Manuelle Schmite.

Numae selects only the softest and most delicate materials best for our little ones and provides a wide range of Kashmir and Baumwoll designs with a stylish Pariser Chicago look in its characteristic bright and powdy shades. With a meteorological project beyond its boundaries, Bernet à Pompon has developed into one of the most important brands for kids in the entire spanish clothing sector under ?s

It is a Spaniard trademark from 0 to 12 years old, imitating a "Bohemian chic", stylish and functional, whose basic principle is excellent workmanship and love of detail. It' s cute, relaxing and appealing natural surroundings are suitable for kids thanks to its great designs, with great styles and exquisite and refined colors.

It' s about a lifetime undertaking, a real live experience and an absurd power with its own name, Alejandra Sánchez-Ramade, creator and creator of an exceptional boutique label for kids. From the end of 2010, Barcelona's Mon Marcel label has been drawing inspiration from the smells of Provence and the Mediterranean atmosphere to create clothing for kids, from the newborn to the four-year-old.

It achieves a minimalistic, stylish and luxurious look and feel. Mons Marcel received a Junior Design Award as "Best 2012 Contemporary Label". The Mon Marcel share credit with Paul Smith, Stella McCartney, Little Fashion Gallery and Simonetta, also winner in their category. The Violeta e Federico was established in 2007 to please mother and baby.

Our continuous cordial reception with our apparel ranges for infants from 0 to 24 month encourages us to continue growing our label and develops our children's range up to the age of 16. Remaining true to our classical styles and plain design, all our garments and accessoires have been made in Barcelona with distinctive materials from Europe:

At the moment we are present all over Spain, with our flag ship store in Barcelona.

Normandy is a range for the youngest kids from 0 to 36 month, designed from nature materials. rompers made of smooth terry cloth and cottons, rompers, satin clothes, coats made of Cashmere yarn, bolero, knitted trousers with cupé leather, woollen jumpers with thin straps on the sleeve, always according to the idea of atmosphere of retro style and good taste associated with the Normandy name.

The Lilo&co is a small, hand-made studio specialising in clothing for infants up to 9-month age. Every piece of clothing was individually created and worked with a lot of loving care for our baby. We have a very special line of clothing for children, based on inspiration from the early 70s, when most Mummy were knitting and sewing clothing for their children.

Classic patron style collections with contemporary trend and contemporary style. Our designs are still inspired by the use of naturally occurring fabrics to look after the smooth skins of our baby products. Gowns, sweaters, waistcoats, knitwear, blouses; comfy, cool and lightweight clothing for our newborns. Our inspirations are the ease and peacefulness of the baby.

Our designees have been selected with care, on the basis of the qualities and styles of their creations and their general ethical approach.

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