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Buy beautiful necklaces, straps, slings and accessories from Slings and Things. Scarves and things - The best for carrying babies, baby carriages and capes! With the best straps and accessoires, we help you wear your newborn. Deliver free to UK and low priced UK destinations in the EU with rapid, personalised services, up to 14 days return and aftercare. Dear love love love love love love love!

"Superb speed of workmanship, beautiful smooth wrapping of outstanding workmanship.

Quick deliveries and good service."

Woven wraps shop from the UK's proven baby carrier business - Slings and Things

In contrast to a stretchable cover, braided draps are more robust for older/heavy infants. It is also the most multifunctional kind of carry seat, often enabling hips, back and a wide range of front carriers (depending on length). Our range includes different length of braided scraps, from 2.6m (suitable for waist and back support) to 5.2m.

You will also be able to try the vast majority of the front, rear and rear carrying handles. Infant mothers often tend to choose a smaller length (2.6-3.6 m) because it is simpler to pack when not in use and less stressful with age.

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sling spot is a Sheffield-based retail distributor of Baby Carriers and related products. The Sheffield store is open Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 14.00, Saturday from 22.00 to 13.00 at 73 Leadmill Road, S1 4SE. We have a fast on-line response and are always willing to help! Sheffield' s nurse services, the Sheffield sling surgery and library, located in the Snugnext doors, is here to provide assistance, training and recruitment.

Buy independently with the baby carrier specialists

We are an independent and privately owned company that specialises in carrying babies - that is what we know and what we do. This is the best choice for you, your child and your whole world. Lifting straps and straps selected by the parent for a parent like you. We are so much more than just a website.

The Love To Be Nature began in 2009. Our first store was "Sling Store" and 8 years later it's still what we do. What we do, we really do, we like it. We have been selecting our range of lifting belts for 8 years because we have assisted homes in selecting their own lifting belts.

There was no choice to divide ourselves into lifting belts because it seemed a good concept - we began with lifting belts - an concept created from our own passion for our babies (there was only one at the time!). Being part of our company and because we like what we do, we have opted for education in how to carry babies.

This is what the big name shops and the big we do everything the shops do. Understanding that the incredibly inexpensive offering on this website is too good to be missed. It'?s because we like what we do. It' because your babys itting is common and your babys want to be born - and we are here to help you.

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