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Offer live at the Bargain Hunting Auction Baby Articles Toys Household and more NO VAT on all lots No DeposIT Required Auction. Experience a bargain on baby food with Mrs Crunch's best offers on a wide range of baby food and baby food selections. O BABY! Shops across the UK run their yearly baby event and offer great offers on everything from diapers to kindergarten mats. Easy, moisturizing baby bath.

MBP161 Motorola Digital Baby Monitor. 90ml Metanium Everyday Easy Spray Barrier Anti Diaper Bubble Cream Barrier Solution. Johnson's Baby Wipes Extra Sensitive (12 x 56 packages in box).

Good bargain hunting Auction | Baby products Toys Household and more NO V.A.T. on all lots No security deposits required

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Top Ten tips to get a bargain and get your kids' items on a Mom2mumarket.

The Mum2Mum Store organises almost new selling sessions throughout the UK, Solihull has its own area and is run by the beautiful Jade. When Baby Town can't get into his beloved Converse and I can't shut the closet under the staircase for something light, plastics and eye-catching, then I know it's finally my turn to reserve my desk at Mum2Mum Square.

Stand up during the workday, choose a place and put all your items at the disposal so that the door can open. There' almost always a snake when mothers come there early to get the best deals. Actually, I always used to sell 85% in the first lesson there. In the last 18 month we have collected some fantastic gadgets, clothing and items that we really needed or surely liked!

The best part is... you can talk to other moms and just tell them you care about everything. Here are our Top Five Tried & Tested Tips for the sale and packaging of a bargain on Mom2mum Markets: Sell it? Shoppers buy with their eyeballs and I have realized that if it is an overloaded and rather messy desk, they will be scanning and then leaving.

Fewer is actually more, a tidied and organized desk seems to work better. Labelling all items with a prize, I tried it both with and without prize tags, and my warehouse was sells when I banged on a prize. Do you sell clothing? Well, then put your money in a wardrobe bar and put up your outfit.

I' ve always found that shoppers will always bet on those who hang up instead of having to browse through things on the can. Offer only clothing that fits the seasons. The attempt to market Rudolph caps and overcoats in April will simply not work. However, it is a great concept to start marketing it in October and it definitely works for me.

Okay, so that's the businesswoman in me, but someone's interested in your Zara robe and starting to look for her handbag..... ah ha... your shot at telling her you got a hat too and mittens to go with it and she can have it for just an additional quint.

The mummy' s customer Ta Dah has a wonderfully fitting frock and you sell three items instead of one! If you are a salesperson, you have the opportunity to make some good deals and help other mothers with your sales. You' d be amazed how many good deals we got!

There' s nothing nastier than to miss a bargain and the next checkout is usually just too far away! But not all vendors have pockets, so if you end up getting some good deals, you have to take them quite verbatim. Salespeople want to deal with you and help, eventually they want to clear you out, so they will welcome you if you look around well.

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